25 thoughts on “Sell MadOgre.com?”

    1. There are some great guys out there that could carry MadOgre.com. I’d have to do start a new Ogre blog. Actually, 3 Separate blogs.

  1. Running a one man blog is hard to do over the long run without burn out from what I’ve seen over the years.
    So far the solutions seem to be to turn a one man blog into a multiple person blog. The problem there is finding enough people close to your view points and can produce quality as well as quantity.
    What would you name a new blog, AngryGoblinsandupsetZombies?

  2. Much depends on which definition of mad the Ogre fell into. Is the Ogre cross, or insane?

    1. I’ve always left that up to the Reader to decide. But, Mad Hatter was an original inspiration… Even if I do not make hats.

  3. I feel these decisions should be made privately without having to look for outside approval. I trust that you will make the right choice for you and what ever money you stand to make be between you and yours. What you don’t want is people to think you are selling out in the name of money which some might feel you could compromise integrity. I enjoy reading your blog, I don’t care if you sell it to someone else and you start another…all I will need to know is what the new address will be and I’ll be there.

  4. George, This is a “personality” blog. You is stuck with it! BUT, understand that every time you post here writing time you should be selling is not being done. Some authors allegedly starved to death answering their correspondence. A blog eats time and thought, if it serves as promotion this can be good. BUDGET your time!
    Who has enough trouble with his time budget…and workload…and pants load.

  5. My previous comment being said, can your eldest offspring string words together yet?
    Who notes his favorite blog has no heir and JerryPournelle.com is not getting younger..sigh.

  6. Dude, if you’re going to close one to open three, why not just morph one and open two more? the other guys can do their own thing.

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