Ogre’s Ultimate Movie List is Revised. Again.

Due to popular demand, Ronin, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Zulu, and The Thing has been included, bumping a few movies.

Some guys have been asking why no Star Wars. Because primarily there is very little Baddassery going on. Han shot after Greedo misses, Storm Troopers miss too much, and Luke is a little biotch.

Update: Wild Bunch instead of Inception.

I think this is about as solid as it gets for the Top Fifty. Really, this list is now a Master’s Degree in being Badass. Each movie teaches lessons in about being a fucking Man, and not a sensitive metrosexual guy with a spare vaginia in his man-purse.

The revised list is here.

What do you think now?

18 thoughts on “Ogre’s Ultimate Movie List is Revised. Again.”

  1. Blood simple

    No Country for Old Men

    Dark Knight(2nd in Series)

    The Sultan Sea

    Spartan (Kilmer)

    Harsh Times

    The Departed

    Taxi Driver

  2. I like both, but John Carpenter’s version stands out with better casting, and monster effects that really scar your mind.

  3. Ya but the original done just after WWII with the sometime airforce and some time army air core logos (the actors keep referring to The Army and The Air Force both in the movie as the service had just changed from Army Air to its own Air Force) is FAR superior in dialog department with cross talk and snarky comments that are real world like military guys and gals really talk. Carpenter’s is as always pure gore no soul.

  4. Not saying that Star Wars should be in there (stormtroopers are indeed awful shots) but you’re wrong on Han shooting second. That only happened in the revisionist version that came out in the late 90’s. In the original Greedo never had a fricken chance. (Google the phrase “Han shot first”. It’s surprisingly contentious.)

    1. Oh, I know all that. But George Lucas changed it. Lucas wanted Greedo to shoot first… So he did. Han is just lucky Greedo was an unbelievably bad shot.

  5. I think you should list the date/version of whats on your list. Case in point they are not the same movies at all…

  6. Quoting the Ogre:

    “Each movie teaches lessons in about being a fucking Man, and not a sensitive metrosexual guy with a spare vaginia in his man-purse”

    Now That’s snot from your nose funny

  7. I gotta say that you left out the most badass detective movie of all.

    The Maltese Falcon, especially when he tells that psycho dame that she is going to jail, maybe to be executed. ‘Cause there isn’t anything more badass than dumping a dame who is just no good. Handing her over to the cops is just gravy.

  8. Two more would be “The Shootist” John Waynes last and maybe best movie plus The Man who Shot Liberty Valance

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