War: Risk of death or injury.

The US and Britain say Israel has a right to protect itself from rocket attacks from Hamas, but warn about the dangers of the conflict escalating into a ground war, as Obama says it would put Israeli soldiers at risk of death or injury.

War can cause a risk of death or injury.  You don’t say, Obama?

9 thoughts on “War: Risk of death or injury.”

  1. Eh, he’s got a point in that Israel has been able to do a lot of damage with very, very few casualties. A ground war will have odds that are considerably less in their favor. Depends on the endgame Israel wants and whether they’d rather spend money or risk soldiers.

  2. Additionally he is reminding them, without stating it publicly, that ground operations runs the risk of Egypt or another nation intervening. Even if Israel kicks their ass (which it will) the potential damage, deaths and other consequences will be markedly higher than the current air campaign.

  3. Wow, I’ll bet the Israelis never thought of that! Lucky they have that well-known strategic expert Obama giving them hints!

  4. Oh, we understand, I’m sure that Kurt meant to click the dislike button because he dislikes this fatuously trite utterance from Teh Won who is “always the smartest man in the room.”

    Must be great, your minions checking brains at the door.

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