Dear Mossberg

Please stop what you are doing. Just stop it.

Your Lever Action SPX. Stop it.
Your huge Breacher muzzle devices. Stop it.
All of your Bolt Action Rifles. Just stop it.
Your Road Blocker and Chainsaws… STOP!

You have become the BUDK Catalog of the Firearms Industry. I now CRINGE every time one of your boxes shows up… I’m afraid to open it and look in for fear of what fresh new hell you decided to unleash.
I can’t take anything that says Mossberg on it seriously anymore. Your 930 and 590 series guns are awesome, but even then. It’s like telling a young person that I loved the STARSHIP TROOPERS book because the Movie is so fucking retarded. A lot of newer shooters don’t know what a 590 is, and instead smirk at the Mossberg name. “Hey, the 590 is a great gun!” I come off sounding like a Nutter. This is what you have done to yourselves, Mossberg.
This is why there is no more EXTREME SHOCK ammo… No matter their ammo was actually great, their company Image had become such a joke, they couldn’t be taken seriously anymore and they had to shut down and completely restructure to regain some traction.
This is what you need to do, Mossberg.
You are trying to market to the same guys that want COUNTER SNIPER OPTICS, Big Low Pressure Petroleum Fireball Explosions, and “STACKED AND PACKED” Calendars. You want Video Game Players. Your Target Audience is CALL OF DUTY. STOP THAT!
Have some Self Respect, Mossberg! If I go to SHOT and see something like a CHAINSAW LEVER – I’m going to fucking slap the shit out of you.

12 thoughts on “Dear Mossberg”

  1. I know I have been out of the mainstream of firearms for a while but when I read your post I was like WTF? So I went to there website and the shotguns looked normal then I went to lever actions and I started weeping. Really what the fludge? Who has the mind bleach to get that image out of my head?

  2. At the risk of coming off like some crotchety old man, I’d have to say that they aren’t putting out much that I am interested in. I had to look up the Chainsaw and Roadblocker and those seem to be a bit much. I never saw the appeal of a shotgun without a stock.

  3. Mossberg was one of the top .22 rimfire manufacturers up until the late 1960’s…then I don’t know what happened. The 144 is a classic among no less than 5 other models. I used to be a Mossberg collector until many of the guns dried up.

  4. The gentleman who owns my LGS once told me if his customers only bought what they needed, he would be out of business. That may be a little bit of an exaggeration but not much. He knows that a goodly percentage of his customers are buying “cool” they can show off to their buddies at the range.

    Movies and video games help sell guns. The cool guns a potential customer “uses” in a video game are all pretty generic. They might bear a casual resemblance to real guns and are differentiated by much damage each can do to a target in a digital fantasy world. While I don’t care for some of Mossberg’s marketing decisions — the Lever SPX should have been aborted and never seen the light of day — I can’t fault a gun maker for trying to expand into the basement dwelling wanker market.

  5. Older Mossbergs are solid, blue-collar guns. I inhierited my uncle’s 336 in .35 Rem., a ’50’s vintage rifle. I lust in my heart for a M 39 cut to trapper length. Got a 500 12ga. from a pawn shop, added new extracters and a 18 1/2″ barrel w/ choke tubes and have a home-defence shotty for less than 300 bucks. But some of the new shit is just….bizzare.

  6. the mossberg .22 AR = FAIL. it looks like a 3 year old tried to draw an AR with tracing paper. Horrible. THEN ontop of its cosmetic sins, it has completely different controls from an AR, defeating the purpose.

  7. If they keep making a quality 590, who cares if they want to sell “mall ninja” crud too.

  8. Personally, I’ve been happy with my old Mossberg 500 that I bought 20 years ago; haven’t seen much reason to change.

  9. I’m a big fan of the 930 pro series. The 590 is a great gun. The 500 is a decent weapon. I like the MVP I got to shoot. The rest of there arms I’m not looking at. They hurt my eyes.

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