Louisiana Hot Sauce Kipper Snacks

I’ve been keeping my eye out for these for the last two years.  No store in the Uintah Basin that I have found, has any.
Oh, they have the Mustard kind… the Smoked kind… but no one has the Hot Sauce kind.


20 thoughts on “Louisiana Hot Sauce Kipper Snacks”

  1. Well that there is just plain wrong.

    I always sent my brother kipper snacks when he was deployed to one of the sand boxes. Yea, his guys always appreciated that. 😉

    1. Checked the company’s site. Unfortunately, it seems we don’t stock any Hot Sauce Kipper snacks. If I may ask, who’s the manufacturer?

    1. If you like, you can put them on your Grits.

      BTW, I am a Virginian. So you can take your Yank comment, and shove it! 😉

  2. Kippers, which around here are smoked herrings, ARE hard to find with hot sauce included, but sardines with hot sauce are common. Do you like sardines?

    1. Yeah, but we don’t have those around here either.

      The ones I dig are the Brunswick brand. Very tasty. A tin of those, some cheese and crackers… that’s a lunch.

  3. Ogre-San: It will be my honor to send you some Brunswick sardines in hot sauce, if you like. Send me an email.

  4. We carry more kippered herring varieties than I know what to do with, will see if i can get you a case of the Louisiana hot sauce variety (also a favorite of mine)

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