Robin Hood

If there is one movie that has had more than it’s share of treatments, it’s Robin Hood.  More than Spiderman, Batman, and Superman… Robin Hood has been done to death.
We’ve had Russell Crow do an excruciatingly boring version, Kevin Costner do a fun version only because of the guy playing he Sheriff… you know who I’m talking about.  “Because its dull, you idiot, it’ll hurt more.”
But out of all of them, the best version remains Disney’s Animated Robin Hood. 
Here’s why… it connects with everyone.  Without dumbing it down.  See, I enjoyed it as a kid.  I watched it the other night with my youngest, and he loved it as much now as I did when I was a kid… and I still loved it.  Its the classic. The songs, tunes, the voice acting… top notch.
There will never be a better version.

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  1. Eh, I liked the one with Russel Crowe. You want boring Robin Hood? If you can dig up a copy (it’s a rather rare film) try A Challenge For Robin Hood. 1967, produced by Hammer Studios in Britain, starring Barrie Ingham as Robin. Boring as heck, and the fact that Ingham looked about twice as old as Marian didn’t help. *shudder* I ‘enjoy’ it purely for sentimental reasons: it was the very first Robin Hood movie I ever saw, even before the Disney cartoon.

    IMO, the best Robin Hood film, even better than the immortal Errol Flynn movie, is The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men from 1952. Also Disney-produced, but live action with Richard Todd in the title role.

    Interesting trivia: during WWII, Todd attended Sandhurst, and then put his acting career on hold and enlisted in the British Army, eventually joining the Parachute Regiment. He Parachuted into occupied France on D-Day, helping to re-enforce Major John Howard’s glider commandos at Pegasus Bridge. Todd would later go on to portray Major Howard in 1962’s The Longest Day.

    1. I liked it too Raptor. IMO it was the best RH version yet. I just watched it again the other day

  2. Disney’s version is the best and is one of my all time favorite movie. BUT… No mention of Robin Hood…. Men in tights ? LOL

    But your right George, that Sheriff made that movie. I think it is because his name was, “Sheriff GEORGE of Nottingham”

  3. Ogre, you are correct. I like it because the rooster with the guitar is voiced by Roger Miller. Roger Miller is awesome.

  4. I prefer the Errol Flynn version myself. Think about this though. They say he robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Not so. He robbed from the government and gave the people back what was theirs.

  5. IMHO:
    1. Errol Flynn’s The Adventures of Robin Hood. Best cast of any RH film.
    2. Disney’s animated RH
    3. Disney’s live action RH. I think I saw it on Disney’s TV show. First RH film I ever saw.

    Costner’s RH is a shining example of how badly a story can be mangled.
    Men in Tights is comedic gold.

  6. Men in tights is the best of the Robin Hood movies. One of the guys on my arrest team showed up to a detail wearing a compression shirt once. He was treated to various renditions of the “men in tights” musical number over the radio throughout the night.

  7. There’s one big problem with Disney’s animated Robin Hood: It’s a gateway drug for furry fandom.

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