Big Trouble in Little China

One of my favorite fun flicks.
For that reason, I found this video clip to be hilarious. If you’ve not seen BTILC, you are wrong. You have to get that fixed ASAP.

11 thoughts on “Big Trouble in Little China”

  1. Hmmm. The unlikely staying power of that strange movie may indicate unrealized archetypes that wise men must address and directly incorporate into their personal code and interpersonal ethics. Clearly this is forcefully tied to the beginnings of a budding martial system incorporating an acknowledgment of the supernatural along with unwavering resolution to face it gladly, this bound also to an emphasis on close quarters battle wherein no single type of arm is overly emphasized, but mastery of all is demanded. Could this then be a hidden proclamation of a grand philosophy both spiritual and concretely combative? A perfected Shintoism befit the age of strife?

  2. What’s that mean “China is here?” Ya know I don’t even know what the Hell that means….

    Or check into a looney bin, whichever comes first

    Oh man that’s #3 in my top three favorite movies:
    1) Gladiator
    2) LoTR trilogy
    3) Big Trouble in Little China

    1. And, yeah, yeah I know I got the quotes a big wrong. It was around 230 am Eastern. Sleep deprived. Never post after midnite

      1. No one can forever, in rote perfection, quote scripture. This is why men must refer to them regularly.

  3. I just hate the cut they put in the Video and the one they use on TV. The theater presentation was infinitely better.
    Who hates choppy editing.

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