Raising the kids right

One of my younger boys is learning to play the guitar.  He has a lot of interest in music and has developed an interesting skill.  You can play him a song, and he will tell you what song it is, and who it is.  He even nailed a cover.  He’s pretty awesome at this.  Oh, this is within Country and Rock music… mainly Rock, and specifically Metal.

I’m sitting here at home at Ogre Ranch, with my foot up… listening to some music.  I have Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” playing.  And he didn’t know who Metallic was.

This was one of those “I have failed as a Father moments.”  Not as bad as when one of my boys said he didn’t know who Bugs Bunny was… but still.  He home schools, so this hole in his education will get filled.


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  1. If he continues with being a musician, sooner or later he’ll explore all styles of music on his own. In a year or two he’ll likely be playing music that YOU don’t know. Shortly after that he’ll probably writing his own songs, even just casually between doing other stuff.

    My buddy Nate will be watching a sitcom, get an idea, grab his guitar, write a song in 15 minutes, put away the guitar, and flop back on the couch and go back to watching the same sitcom. I videoed him and his brother once do a song on-the-spot IN SPANISH (they don’t speak Spanish) just goofing off (it’s on Youtube).

    I know a bunch of musicians, many of them professionals, and I can tell you that if your boy decides on his own to stick with it, it will become a pretty deep part of his everyday life and everything he does.

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Heh heh. ;-p

    1. This is the same son that wants to go Military. He’s scary sharp, talented, and if I do say so with fatherly pride – a good looking kid.
      He’ll do well what ever he decides to do.

  2. George, from what you have been telling me about your boys you are doing an excellent job in the Dad department. It’s a proven fact that kids that play a musical instrument have better problem solving skills and excel in math and science. As for guitar playing, make sure it’s properly set up (action height & intonation) and he should be changing the strings about once a month as they actually get harder to play when corrosion sets in. If he wants a little challange in playing, ask him to try to play some TV show theme songs. Now if he wants to learn “Enter Sandman” I would be more than happy to make a Youtube instructional video for him. The intro and main riff is pretty easy simple so I am confident that he’ll be rocking it out in a short amount of time.

      1. If they are the original strings from when I sent the guitar then yea, they need to get swapped out. I used .09-.42 gauge strings (Dean Markley Blue Steel) so if you decide to go up or down in gauge the tremolo and possibly neck truss rod will need to be properly adjusted.

        1. I asked Gav if he wanted to start learning Enter Sandman, and he was all over it. He also asked if you knew “Stranglehold”.

          1. I’ll do him up a good instructional for “Sandman” shortly. I’ll look into “Stranglehold” in the meantime.

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