Armchair Quarterbacking: TAURUS handguns

Part One.

Here we go again guys… Yes, I know its so soon since I just did Mossberg.  But I’ve some thoughts on Taurus here and now.
Taurus has come a long way, Baby.  These guys have made a mint on the Judge revolver series, and everyone knows all about them, even people who don’t know guns.  Because according to one guy that says he knows a guy that is friends with a guy that hunts ducks with them.   Well, I’m not talking about the super serious, uber deadly Judges.   We’re going to talk about the other stuff Taurus makes.
New for 2011 is the 24/7G2 series.  I think Taurus really has something here, as they have combined some stuff from the 800 series pistols and the OSS gun that they developed for the the US Army’s Request for Proposal a few years ago.  The result is a gun that feels better, and looks a lot better than the standard 24/7 pistols.  They have improved trigger pulls, and they should prove to be more reliable.  The earlier 24/7 pistols sold well because they were cheap.  But they never really shot well.  Some reliability problems and no one was happy with accuracy.  The G2’s should address both those issues.  And did I mention that they were pretty good looking?  Sleeker lines and Ambi controls make this gun a potential winner.
Here’s the problem that I have with the 24/7 G2’s.  The baggage.  The 24/7’s didn’t have the best of reputations with the number of returns for repairs.  There was a time when I swear we didn’t go a week without sending another one back to get something fixed.    If the G2 pistols hold up and are reliable… if you get a smooth action and a good trigger in them… Drop the 24/7 from the name.  Let them stand on their own as “Taurus G2 Pistols”.  That’s all you need.   Good luck with these.
The 22/25 PLY guns.  Mini light weight .22 and .25 autos.   Cute.  But unneccessary.  And .25 is such a pathetic little cartridge that a CCI Mini Mag .22LR makes it look like a weak little sister.  I don’t see these as being very good sellers.  I might be wrong, but I don’t see .25 making a come back like .380 did.  I wouldn’t recommend a .25 for anything.   Now if you want to be interesting, make one of these in a .22 Mag.  Otherwise, these are a waste of time.
The 709/740 Slim.  I really want to like these.  A friend of mine had a 709 Slim and was doing a review on it.  He was tempted to buy it, but the gun self destructed.  That right there gives me a pause.  I don’t trust it.  I also remember the Millennium Series that another friend of mine had, and about 600 rounds into it, it suffered frame cracking.  I need to know that these problems have gone away.  I also want to see these offered with 24/7 XS Big Dot sights.  These are not target guns, after all.
Your 800 Series.  I want to like these too.  Some things… put a metal trigger in it.  The plastic trigger is undoubtedly functional, but for the overall feel, it needs a steel trigger.   These have a great reset on them, but the reset doesn’t knock over steel plates.  The trigger feels mushy and vague.  This is hurting accuracy.   I have sold a couple of these and one of them came back with both reliability and accuracy issues.  I’ve heard other complaints about accuracy as well.  I have seen questionable accuracy myself.  This is your full sized duty weapon here… it can’t have accuracy or reliability questions.  Put in a match grade barrel and use a bushing if you have to, but make these things accurate.  They should come with night sights… which tells people you are serious.  The gun should also come in a package that has some spare magazines.  About 3 spares would be right.  If you make them accurate, reliable, and set it up as suggested, I could sell more of them.  Overall, the gun is almost there.  It’s just needing some tweeks to make it a world class pistol.
Now, if you have the Compact G2’s and the Compact 800’s… why do you still have Millenniums in the catalog?  Drop them.  Blow them out and get rid of them.  You don’t need to compete with your new product lines.  Give them all to Cheaper Than Dirt, write it off as a loss, and move on.
Now, your 1911’s.  Thank you for dropping the PT part of the PT1911 from the name.  The PT was annoying.  Universally you guys are regarded as making a fine shooter.  However it’s also regarded that you make some ugly ones.  You know what it is?  It’s your serrations.  Too wide, they look wrong.  Also, putting white in the letters, that’s a turn off.  Guys who buy 1911’s don’t want billboards.  Fix your serrations, and subdue your lettering.  Make some of your 1911’s without the front slide serrations as well.  Now, take a look at what other people are doing with Blued guns.  Your flat black is fine on a tactical gun, but make a blued one.  A real Blued 1911.  And on that Blued 1911, use a GI guide rod, plain wood grips, and a standard safety.  Not everyone wants every bell and whistle available.  If fact, I don’t really care for any.  Take a good hard and close look at the Para Wild Bunch pistol and the Remington R1.  Those are very popular for a reason.  Think about that.   Also, Taurus 1911’s are not known for accuracy.  This is a continual trend isn’t it?  Now let me ask you something so you can think about this… Where is your Commander?  I’m not seeing any available in the 2011 catalog.  There is something wrong with that.  Don’t bother with any ultra compact 1911’s.  But a simple Commander would be delightful.  On that Commander, put on some night sights.  No bushingless… make it GI.  Your bull-logo grips look good, put them on it.  I could sell a bunch of these.

More to come…

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  1. I’ve already got an early PT1911 but if they made a blued GI-style one with decent sights and the same factory trigger I’d definitely be tempted.

    1. And that’s what a gun company has to do. Since you already have one – they have to do something to get you to think about their newest one.

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