Bullet Proof

A friend gave me an old Military bullet proof vest and an extra ballistic panel.  These are out-dated units and well beyond the years they are certified for protection. He was going to give them to someone else, but that person mentioned putting it on and having someone shoot him.  So I got it.

As soon as I get a proper laptop that can process video again… There will be some fun subject matter!   I have a lot of videos planned that I want to do, and now I think I’ve just come up with a half dozen more.

5 thoughts on “Bullet Proof”

  1. Putting it on to test out getting shot reminds me of a co-worker on an assembly line, years ago. Part of the job involved cutting gaskets to length, so we each had knives, and Kevlar gloves. This brain surgeon is juggling knives, with several people telling him that it’s dangerous and he should stop. “No, I have cut-proof gloves!”

    I picked up a spare glove, stretched it taut, held it in front of him, and sliced a finger off it. Both the knives he was juggling clattered to the floor. I handed him the two pieces of glove and said, “no, you don’t have cut-proof gloves, you have cut-resistant gloves… there’s a big difference.”

  2. I recall an officer being shot with a .45-70. The vest stopped the round, in that it didn’t penetrate the vest, but he died anyway. The slug pushed the vest three inches into his chest cavity.

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