Things I hate in Movies

There are 3 Key movie elements that has become rather popular in most any movie these days in one form or another.  If you have one of these Elements in your movie – Your Movie Sucks.  If your movie has more than one, it really sucks.

Roller Coaster Scenes.  Any Scene where the characters are in a run away vehicle of some sort, coal car, mine car, Sled, or just sliding down a long thing…. I hate Roller Coasters.  Disney Animated Movies are famous for these things.

Costume Change Montages.  The Character is trying on multiple outfits.  As found in any chick flick, these scenes usually are book ended by Shopping Montages.

Hysterical Screaming Women.  The woman character, regardless of looks or relationship to the protagonist, can do nothing but scream.

There is one movie that pretty much touches on all these elements to one extent or another, and I hate it.  It’s classified as a Non-Movie.  A piece of Film Garbage that is not mentioned or referenced – ever – due to the massive suckage.

I had to use a clip that didn’t have that stupid bitch screaming so I wouldn’t shoot my computer.

Bonus Element:  Dragons.  I fucking hate Dragons.  Unless it’s Smaug.  Or Management.  Those are the only good dragons.  Your Dragon sucks.

17 thoughts on “Things I hate in Movies”

  1. Worse than all those put together: the sports arena p.a. announcer voice-over. “Number 32 lines up in the backfield…he’s mean as a snake!” If you think it’s an important plot element, you suck at making films. If you think your audience needs to have it explained to them, you are wrong and you suck.

    “Broken Arrows” was the worst example ever.

  2. Of course Disney films have rollercoaster scenes in them.

    And the scenes are designed so that a rollercoaster at Disneyland or Disney World can be repurposed to match that movie at minimal cost.

  3. This is a selfish question since it it so loosely related to the post but, I like almost all of Nicholas Cage’s movies even though some say he is a sellout. Should I be worried that my taste in movies / actors suck?

  4. Ok, George, what about the roller coaster scene in Zombieland? You have to admit that one is funny.

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