I hate to say this… but I think Supernatural has beaten Firefly as my favorite TV Series. ¬†Firefly was awesome, very awesome indeed. ¬†But Supernatural just has everything that makes it all work. Action, Adventure, Humor, Cool Car, Cool Music, it’s just the top of the food chain.

If you are missing Supernatural, you are in a sadder world.


13 thoughts on “Supernatural”

  1. I dont know about better, but id agree to liking just as much. Awesome music, monsters and guns.

  2. Especially since Nathan Fillion ran his mouth on Twitter. It makes it hard for me to enjoy their work when I know an actor’s stance on something. Keep politics out of it, otherwise it’s ruined for me.

    The Jensen Ackles “Eye of the Tiger” skit was pretty hilarious.

  3. Yeah, Supernatural is pretty switched on. Although I like to think Firefly would be kicking as much butt in terms of coolness if the execs hadn’t set it up to fail from day one.

  4. Yeah Supernatural is awesome. I almost didn’t watch it when my wife borrowed the first season from a friend. I assumed it was a Twilight chick eye candy show. I am glad I was so wrong.

  5. Tried both, didn’t care much for either one. Too much violence for the sake of violence and much illogic.
    Who is old gray and cynical.

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