The Book Signing

The book signing was fun.  Talked to some interesting people, signed some books.  According to Hastings Book Store, I am Famous and Renowned.

A couple things made this day special for me.  One, was that my brother came up and hung out with me during the signing.  The other was that my wife came out with me and shared this special day with me.

One of the things we discovered together… or Re-Discovered together, is the Back Way to Ogden.  We drove Highway 40 to Heber, as usual.  Then north to connect to I-80.  Normally we would turn West and hit SLC.  This time, we turned East and headed towards Wyoming… We hit the interchange of Highway 84 I think it was, and this took us pretty much straight up to Ogden, bypassing the Worst Traffic In The World, and shaving off about 45 Minutes.

What was neat about this route was that it is MADE FOR MOTORCYCLES and I am determined to RIDE this Route as soon as I can as it was spectacular.  Lots of twists and curves and some gorgeous scenery… it has become one of my favorite roads.

As a bonus, it also passes through Morgan, UT.  For those not familiar with Morgan, take a good close look at the barrel of your Browning Firearm.

I think we need to organize a Group Ride from Heber City to Morgan, so we can pay homage to Browning.

4 thoughts on “The Book Signing”

  1. Being successful at something is great, and I love your books, but having a family that loves and supports you is priceless. You are a lucky man.

  2. Congrats on the book, ditto on the route. Took that same way from Strawberry reservoir to Boise. Absolutely beautiful.

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