Beretta 92FS vs Taurus PT92, in Pictures.

The Beretta 92FS Inox. A Classic Beauty.

On the Gun Forums, a lot of guys have talked about how good looking a Gun is.  When it comes to Sexy Handguns, this one right here really is it.  Let’s compare it to what others have already compared it to… Monica Bellaluci.

See, that’s the Beretta.  Classic beauty that really doesn’t need anything else.   It never gets old to look at… and the more you are around it, the more you love it.

And after you shoot it… Oh yeah.  This is what it’s all about.

Wait… But what about that Taurus PT92?  Sure, it’s design is based on the Beretta.

The Taurus PT92.

It’s form is based on the Italian… It tries to look like the Italian.. Tries to act like the Italian… But it isn’t  Italian…  I’m not really sure what it is.

The Taurus is Brazilian… Which in the gun world is kinda like being from New Jersey.  I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing.  It’s just that it isn’t the real deal.  It’s not even close.  The more you look at the Taurus, the more things about it start to become irritations.  Spend too much time with it, and you start to hate it.

Now, both guns have their fans.  But there is a drastic difference in build quality.  Now which one do you want to take home and show your Dad?


I think I’m kinda sick to my stomach now…

26 thoughts on “Beretta 92FS vs Taurus PT92, in Pictures.”

  1. They don’t even make the best beretta clone! Turkey’s Stoeger makes cougars now and Egypt and Iraq made 951 clones that I still wish I had!

    1. Stoeger is owned by Beretta. Well, by Benelli, who is owned by Beretta. The big difference was that the Beretta Cougars were Forged and the Stoegers are Cast.

  2. Yea, but the brazzilian…. I saw this video and she did…. and she also… and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t drunk…

    Ok your right, I wouldn’t take her home to dad.

    1. “The Taurus is Brazilian… Which in the gun world is kinda like being from New Jersey”

      If you’re gonna go there, at least pick someone who isn’t from Poughkeepsie, NY. Google Zoe Saldana, Ali Larter, Laura Prepon, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Monica Keena, Amy Locane, Mira Sorvino, or Bebe Neuwirth. But for Gods sake stop associating us with that worthless fat umpa-loompa.

      1. “Zoe Saldana, Ali Larter, Laura Prepon, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Monica Keena, Amy Locane, Mira Sorvino, or Bebe Neuwirth”

        But all of them are good looking.

        But to scroll down into … orange …

        Your blog, your rules, Ogre, but … dammit man!

  3. I don’t even like berettas, but this was an A+ post! Thanks for the awesome, and the disturbing visuals. Great read!

  4. I don’t know, Og. I’m pretty die-hard M9, but I really don’t mind the Taurus version at all. I wouldn’t be too put out if someone handed me one. I’m pleased as can be that I have the Beretta, but I don’t think the PT92 is a tangle of pot metal either. Good post, though.

  5. I bought my first handgun back in 1987, a Taurus pt99af. I still have it. The only thing I did was change the stock grips with a nice pachmyr wrap around.

    It’s one of the best shooting pistols I’ve ever owned. It is easy to take apart and clean, and it has been a reliable pistol in my collection. Not too shabby for a crapy Brazilian beretta knockoff. I’ve had worse luck with Rugers to be honest.

  6. OK. Good post but I still prefer the frame mounted safety on the Taurus, even if it is from Brazil. Say, isn’t Adriana Lima from Brazil? Just sayin’ . . .

  7. Yeah,now I want a beretta 92fs

    Pics of snookie make me sick tot stomach and thanks to that write up every time I see the Taurus knock off or hear about it,snookie will come to mind.

  8. No, you’re not going to take it home to show to Mom and Dad, and then lock it back up in the safe.

    ….you’re going to use it, hard, fast, and brutally….and both of you will feel dirty afterwards…..

  9. You have got to be kidding, let my dad anywhere near her er it? No chance Still trying to get my Ruger back…

  10. Scariest news of the year (politics not withstanding)?
    Snookie has bred. Yes, there are now little (littler?) snookies in the gene pool.

  11. I think that curvy snookie chick is damn hot. I would rather have her for a weekend.
    She excites me.

  12. Based on the recommendation I slovaked out the PX4 compact.
    Next day I get a few hours clear, hopefully Thursday, I’m going to rent a .40 Cal version at an indoor range up in Jax they put in A/C.

    Who has been looking around for something longer in the grip than his SWaMPy 9c.

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