Do the Roar

Ogres don’t do Celebrity Status. I’m getting guys coming into my work asking to see “The Ogre”. Kind of a weird celebrity thing going on here.
Now, forgive me guys… but this weird celebrity thing is new to me. I’m not used to it and it kinda freaks me out a little.

Now, I do like meeting members of The Horde and… Shake hands, say howdy. It’s cool. But what makes me uncomfortable are the guys that think they are going to stand there and expect me to do some sort of act for them. They just stand there staring at me with a weird grin on their face… they’ll follow me from one end of the gun counter to the other.   “Hey, I watch all your videos on YouTube and listen to you on the radio.” Okay, that’s cool.   But I’m just a very opinionated Gun Guy.  I’m not a Celebrity.

Guys, please… understand this… My Day Job is my Job.  I’m at work.  That’s what I do to make a living.  Making vids and doing the radio thing and blogging about all the above… that doesn’t pay my mortgage or feed my kids.  My job does that.  So please respect that.

While I am at my day job, I am not going to talk about Crusader, Radio, MadOgre…  If you want to hang out with me – you can come to one of my Training Classes.  Because let me lay this down here and please don’t get butt-hurt about it.  I don’t make friends easily.  Most of my friends, I’ve known for more than a few years.   I’m not really open to new friends off the cuff and just because you found me at my day job – I’m not your Buddy.  You might think you know me… but I don’t know you.   You sending me an email that I replied too – Doesn’t make you and me BFF’s.  There is where the Ogre part of my name comes from.  It takes a long time to get into my Circle.
Don’t even start with me about Facebook.

If you are one of my true friends, then you know this post isn’t about you, because you know you can come and hang out with me at work, but you respect that I’m at my work to do my job.    These doe-eyed fanboys that think I’m some sort of… I don’t know what… I’m just not doing any celebrity thing.  I’m not that guy.  I’m just a guy.   A gun guy.

Because check this out… some time ago, last summer, I was going to my truck after I got off work… I noticed a car pull in as I was pulling out.  I went to Smith’s, and I noticed the same car.  Then I noticed the same car on the highway, behind me.  I didn’t recognize this car as one that was in my small community… I turned a corner, and it turned… and then I knew it was following me.  I was not going to my home at this point… I’m not leading a stranger there…  I turned another blind corner, and stopped.  Sure enough, the car followed.

When I confronted this person, with Colorado plates, you know who you are… He said he just wanted to say “Hi”.  That crap… that can’t happen.   You don’t get to follow me home because you read my blog.

10 thoughts on “Do the Roar”

  1. Holy smokes George, get stalked much? You must have a very understanding boss. Getting harassed sucks as that’s what ends up happening…hopefully no one creeped your wife out yet.

  2. …what kind of idiot would stalk a person with a site like this? Common sense says: “Might be dangerous so don’t do it, dumbass.”

    1. Quite seriously, between this and my run for public office and the threats I got – I always have a gun within reach. Someone fixates on a person too much – there is something really wrong with them.

  3. Sorry George, I’ll stop following you…We had such a beautiful Bromance, but if it’s weirding you out, I understand. When I come to the shop and you see me looking at tents, and we don’t make eye contact, just know that’s me respecting your space.

  4. Heh. I remember running into you at SHOT Show with Masaad Ayoob at the Ruger section. I recognized you, but wasn’t really sure how to approach you. I remember our conversation, you were friendly, and I saw you with Masaad, so I figured I would keep it brief.

    Thanks again for the good stuff on the blog and I’ll say hi to Paul for you here in Northern VA.

  5. But…but…we have acquaintances in common and I talked to you on the radio once and everything, doesn’t that make us automatic best buddies if I run into you randomly clear across the country, where I just happened to drive to your place of business, where I really can’t actually BUY anything cause, like, I have this restraining order against me from this tiny misunderstanding I had…

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