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I’ve been “Blogging” for a very long time.  Even before there was even a term for it.  Blogging and Gun Blogging are terms the newer blogs have thrown out there into the Interwebs in the classic human condition of Mandatory Classification.  Humans have to have everything Labeled for them to be comfortable.  So they can easily Accept or Dismiss something based solely on that label.  I’ve seen many a Blog come and go.

I’m not the oldest blog on the internet, but I’m one of them.  One of the oldest Continuing blogs certainly.   I’ve been called “The Blogfather” by a great many.  I just smile, and nod, say “Thank You”, and then delete their blog from my list when they stop blogging and vanish into the internet ether.  Too many to count.  When I started this, it was called a Home Page hosted by HOTBOT.  Remember that?  Wired Magazine’s search engine page?  Then it was switched to Lycos when they bought out Hotbot.   The stuff I had back then is still found here… I don’t remember when I got the Domain.  a decade ago?  More?  I can’t remember.   In internet years, that was back when the Myans were carving rock calendars.

So it’s with great amusement when I see something like this:  “Is Truth about Guns killing Gun Blogging?”  As if what one new start up blog does is going to effect me.   Seems a lot of people have made cries of Shark Jumping.   Come on, that blog is what, 2, 3 years old?  I don’t know.  Hard to pay attention to so many coming and going.  Only really pay attention to those bloggers who are friends any more.
I’ve considered doing collaborative blogging.  Bringing in guys to guest blog.  I’ve accepted many guest posts for sure.  But really, is just me.  It’s me venting my spleen.  Getting stuff off my chest.  Spouting my opinions to a brick wall… or in this case an LCD Screen.  Sometimes it gets read.  Great.  At one point my readership swelled to greater than that of the New York Times printed newspaper.  That made me smile.  Then made me think.  Then I stopped thinking (read that how you will) and just did what I have continued to do.  Write about whatever the hell I damn well feel like.  Because I am beholden to none.  I tried taking advertising.  Some money coming in was all groovy, but it felt like I all the sudden had a leash.  It was uncomfortable and took away the fun of doing this in the first place… so I stopped Advertising.  I’ve also pretty much stopped using Ogre located at this Domain for any serious communication.  Facebook and a Gmail is used for that now.  Of course now that has this slick Comments widget, direct email is not as important.

Anyways.  So I’m going to continue to do what I do.  Spout my unwanted opinions and criticisms.  Jump the Shark?   It’s my Shark.  Go make your own.

12 thoughts on “Gun Blogging”

  1. You’ve been doing this sh*t since 1989!!!

    It’s a reference, you’re forgiven if you don’t get it.

  2. I miss Kim, a bit – but always felt his site was mostly inhabited by busy, hot-talkers who mainly sought his attention and blessing, and never paid any to the rest of the cohort. But you even linked to me early-on when I was in my discovery phase coming off Usenet and seeking out the Gun-Blogosphere while doing this as “Anthroblogogy” – and for that I remain grateful. (DirtCrashr)

    1. Kim had an excellent gun reference library that he compiled over the years and he also insipred a good number of first time shooters. He always called it as he saw it which drew out a lot of emotion in some people. He was (and still is) a very private person and I feel lucky enough to get to know him personally for a little bit.

  3. I feel you George….less than 5 years on mine and I have hit the wall myself…almost ready for the nuclear option…

    1. This is why I do not just “Gun Blog”. That gets rather dull for me. I’ll also blog Automotive topics. (Which means quite often Motorcycles right now)

  4. George, I remember setting up the third-party RSS scraper for your site way back in the day.

    You used to do some fun “guns of” movie reviews as well. Good stuff!

  5. Must have been at least a decade ago when I read that AK / M16 article for the first time. Keep on Ogre! Steady as she goes.

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