12 thoughts on “The Felon”

    1. Sulaco, I don’t want to be insulting here, but not sure how much you know about the art of hammer-forged knife making with good quality steel along with blood and sweat and skills?

      And at over 2 ft in length it’s not a knife, it’s a sword. Not just any sword mind you, but rather Oathkeeper — a Valyrian steel longsword that was also forged from the remains of Ice. It was given to Jaime Lannister by his father, who then gave it to Brienne of Tarth, who handed it to these guys in Montana, who will sell it to me for $300.

  1. These guys have come out with some great new stuff and improved their look alot since last I viewed them. Thanks for the update. I need a second job…

  2. Glen not to be insulting back but if using $300 bucks to buy a BIG sort of sword floats you’re boat go for it and I collect jap swords so yes I do know what hand forging is worth. IMHO this an’t, but that just my HO.

  3. I’m not much of a knife fan…but my God, how I want one of ZT’s “Felon” bowies. Or even one of their short swords. Just because.

    My elderly father’s the serious knife collector in the family. Not sure I dare point him to the ZT website; he’ll spend so much money my mom probably won’t speak to me for a year…


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