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This is the Crusader Weaponry Face Book Group.

We’re talking Guns and Smack… and asking about what Firearms you would like to see Crusader do for you.

So far, the biggest thing is LEVER ACTIONS.  Lots of interest in the Art Of The Dynamic Lever.  Part of me is surprised at all the Lever Interest… and then again, I’m not surprised.  Because while a Lever Action is often forgotten about in this world of AR Type rifles all over the front pages… The Lever Action remains very cool.  Regardless of Caliber, they tend to be easy to shoot, potent, rugged, and reliable.  Accuracy is generally very good too.  I’ve seen some amazing accuracy out of customized Levers.  And the great thing about a Lever is that they tend to be light weight and maneuverable.  No box mags hanging out, no pistol grips.  Just straight forward killing potential.  You don’t Shoot At things with a Lever.  You kill things with a Lever.  The flat ogive of a Lever’s projectile hits with a great deal of shock.  Slapping impact instead of a stab.  This magnifies the hydrostatic shock effect and puts critters down hard.   You gotta love that.

What would Crusader do for a Lever Action?  Well first off, every new lever action I’ve dealt with this last couple years has been far from smooth.  Jarring, harsh, ratchety, when cycling the actions.  This is priority one to sort out.  You want a nice smooth action so you can easily cycle it while the gun is on the shoulder, between shots.  Everything else is icing.  The Permanent Slipstream Treatment is the Medicine for a Lever Action.  That and some Hand Polishing of certain internals to make it “Buttah”.

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    In the grand scheme of things, I am a relatively new convert to The Church of the Lever.
    But I do my best to go forth and spread The Word.
    A little technical running in the right places and the proper application of Slipstream… and my personal Lever, Marlin 1895 STP, also known as Mjolnir or The Snubby Shoulder Howitzer… is as buttery smooth as a well loved and used 50+ year old rifle.
    If Crusader decides to enter the sparsely populated world of custom levers, I WILL have one there for you guys to do.
    Either my micro blaster or a .30-30, because everyone… EVERYONE… needs a lever rifle chambered in the venerable .30WCF.
    If it is a 336, I would more than likely give you and Joe free run… let the world see what Crusader can do with the rifle and round that has put more deer on the ground than any other.


  2. You are spot on about the “ratchety” action. This is the one complaint I have about my Marlin 336. Otherwise, absolutely, great weapon.

  3. My Winchester ’94 is in the shop due to a bad cartridge stop. Typical mid-90s crappy QC.
    Would LOVE to see what your shop can do to either my ’94 (in .45LC) or ’95 (.30-06).
    Off to buy lottery tickets.

  4. A “tactical” lever-action would need the side ejection of a Marlin design for mounting aiming devices of choice rather than the Winchester style top eject. If you want to make them function smoothly, check with the Cowboy Action Shooting gunsmiths who have been studying the subject for decades.

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