11 thoughts on “Gods of Miskatonic”

  1. Been reading the installments of this for the last month or so. Very good stuff. Khorne has the ability to mix the ordinary, mundane, everyday stuff in with the creepy, outlandish, otherworldly stuff in a very matter of fact way. Keeps you coming back for more. Two thumbs way up.

  2. Gah! It’s not finished yet! At least Zach usually does finish his stories. I just read the first 11 chapters, now I get to sit around and refresh his blog incessantly waiting for new chapters.

    Thanks. Thanks a freaking lot.

  3. Read all that was posted yesterday and loved it. I also really like the Sins of Prometheus serial he was doing too.

        1. Good am looking forward to it. Am also looking forward to the next installment of your book as well.

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