Colts and 1911’s

I spend a good portion of the day cleaning up a bunch of handguns at the gun store. Some Smiths and such… And a couple of Colts. I’ve come to appreciate the Colts more. The way they are designed and built is very clever and well done. From an old Police Positive to a Python, they are impressive machines. What I didn’t like about them was the very rough machining in hidden non-critical areas. These had some of the worst tool marks and hacked finishes I’ve seen on this side of a Mosin Nagant… But then in the working areas and exterior finishes it’s the best I’ve ever seen. I really liked the little Colt Cobra. Light weight, small, what a gem.
About the 1911’s. I am growing to like them less and less… As serious use guns. Don’t get me wrong… I love them for what they are, and cherish the one 1911 that I have that reminds me of my darkened and probably best forgotten past… But it does still give me the warm fuzzies. But if I hear a bump in the night it isn’t a gun I would grab. I’m becoming more and more of a Glock Guy. By that I don’t mean just Glocks specifically, but all of the newer polymer double stacked striker fired pistols for the purpose of dedicated fighting guns. For serious use, would take one over any 1911 any day.

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  1. Ogre,
    It is amazing how our tastes and POV’s change with time and new experiences. I know two or three years ago, this statement would have been the opposite coming from you, taking a 1911 over a plastic gun. I personally have both 1911’s and Glocks. It is interesting how my tastes swing back and forth from Glocks/XDms to 1911s. Bravo for at least picking a very solid gun over a 1911. I guess both guns have their own place in this world and for living in a country that allows us to choose.

  2. This is interesting on two fronts. The first is that I was attempting to get onto the 1911 platform after learning all I know about shooting (which could fill a thimble) on the XD platform. I tried a class with a compact 1911 and felt like I got mugged at the end of the day. I carried it around for a while and practiced at getting a smooth draw to presentation at home. What I kept getting caught-up on was that pesky little thumb safety. Admittedly, I don’t have the time or knowledge of some of the better known 1911 guru’s, but that was my experience.

    On the second front, some of those very same guru’s are on record stating that for many of them they are looking more and more favorably on the polymer framed pistols for competition, and everyday use. And shockingly to some, are voicing kudos to the 9mm round for self defense. This from a group that as long as I have read are die-hard 1911 and .45ACP fans. (Flame on!)

    So you are correct Ogre. For the history, the sexiness, and the sheer pleasure of shooting a 1911, I like them as well as the next guy. I still own mine and it comes out on occasion for fun, but my XD’s are the work guns. They are on the nightstand, or on my side wherever I go.

  3. I’m a bit insulted that Colt made the decision to move their best handguns o their custom shop…why I have no idea other than to justify the stupid prices they charge for them. I would LOVE to own a Python but it would have to be 20+ years old as they seem to be more consistant with fit & finish. I bought an Anaconda back in 1993 in Germany when I returned from my first deployment and paid around 550.00 at the Bitburg Rod & Gun Club for it brand new…now they are 1500.00+ for a decent used specimine.

  4. I own three Colts. Two wheelguns and a series 70 1911. They have been monotonously reliable and one of the revolvers is the most accurate revolver I have ever fired. Consistently. Back in the day, Colt had their act together like few other gun makers. Today, not so much. My Colts are nostalgic for me but if I were to recommend a gun to a new shooter, Colt would likely not make the list.

    With some judicious tinkering and bit of handloading you can make a Ruger GP100 into a revolver that will rival any Python in terms of trigger pull and accuracy and it will do so with loads that would junk most other guns in short order. I have not shot Ruger’s 1911 but I suspect it will perform in similar fashion in a face off with a Colt.

    Yes friends, the magic is gone from beneath the blue dome.

  5. Ogre-San: I’ve never liked the feel of striker fired weapons. Maybe it is time to try a new one, but they always feel so wooden to me for some reason. That has kept me from liking Glocks more. That and the fact that every gun “guru” says “get a Glock” when asked what handgun to buy, regardless of the situation, person, or budget.

      1. I second this. Love my M&P. Ergo’s are nice, extremely reliable, accurate and asthetically pleasing too.

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