Glock Rescue

A customer traded in an old and battered Glock 22 Gen 2. All the finish is worn off the slide, the frame is hammered, the trigger wouldn’t reset. This pistol had certainly seen better days.
As a pistol to take in for trade… we probably shouldn’t have, because we can’t resell it. So I’m taking it so I can rebuild it.
I had stock trigger group components from my Glock 23 that dropped right in and fixed this old Gen2’s main problems. It’s a working gun again. Not the best of guns, but at least it’s functioning. Dirtpile ugly, but it’s going to be reliable. The slide is going to have to be refinished completely and the frame, I’m going to have to retexture to hide the wear and dings. I’m thinking about cutting the frame down to a G23 length, so I can use 23 and 22 magazines, making a Hybrid gun that a lot of custom Glocksmiths have done… allowing one to conceal well, yet still shoot well. Like what SIG did with the 1911 C3.
This is already a fun project.

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  1. I acquired a G22 in similar condition. 1/3rd into the first day of a training class, cheap ammo cases ballooned in the chamber and locked the gun up. I had to ramrod the cartridge case out. This happened a few more times. I experienced FTE’s up until we broke for lunch. Upon inspection, I found that 1/4 of the extractor had torn off. It still ran about 80% and the other 20% was cured by immediate action. I switched guns and finished w/o further incident. Lesson learned: no cheap ammo and if you replace everything in the slide but the extractor, it will become the culprit.

    Anxious to see hybrid pics.

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