V-Twin Sports Riding

There is something about this Honda Superhawk… It’s very different from other bikes I’ve ever ridden.  I guess its because I’ve never had a V-twin sport bike before. The bike is very deceptive… It feels like a 600, its light and narrow, and is very agile… More like a 600 or 750 than a 996.  But the torque… It come on like a force of nature and the speed builds so effortlessly.  It’s amazing.
I’ve had other sportbikes, I’ve had cruisers… I’ve never had a machine that I enjoyed riding so much as I enjoy this one.  This bike is my favorite out of everything that came before it.  I don’t know what could top it in terms of pure unadulterated pleasure. 

Thanks to Horde Member M… Had a brisk ride home after he helped me tighten my chain. He’s rolling on a sports bike too. Hooliganism makes one feel young again for a moment. And that’s a good thing when taken in small doses. My Chain, once to a proper tension, is at the maximum length of stretch. I’m going to replace it. The Sprockets are in better shape than the chain… the chain is in ugly shape. With my Chain Break History, I’m just going to remove that nagging doubt.

Not everyone of my friends understands the Motorcycle thing, and even fewer understand the “Rice Burner Crotch Rocket” thing. What’s funny is that the guys giving me the most crap about also own Japanese bikes and one even drives a Honda car. So “Rice Burner” isn’t exactly holding water… but it is certainly a rocket.

Guys, no, as much as many have said or are thinking… I don’t want to die. Yes, I understand I hold my mortality in my hands, but I don’t want to die. I’m just not afraid of dying. There is a difference, an important difference. I’ve done performance driving courses… I think I would really like to take a Performance Riding course. I’m still green on a Sport Bike, and still learning this bike… I think a course would really be a good idea.

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  1. Enjoy it my man. Motorcycling and guns are two of my passions. They’re very similar in many ways; the raw power, the comraderie that is associated with them, or the individualistic freedom you can get from enjoying them on your own. And the fact that one is never enough (that can be quite the bummer, financially, as well).
    p.s. I’m sooo glad you didn’t go the harley route. Although, now it will be so much harder to wipe that smile off of your face.

  2. Thanks for going on the ride! Shhh, It isn’t a sportbike. It is a sleeper… Anytime that you want to go for a ride let me know. It is difficult to find a rider with similar styles. I am always looking for an excuse to get out. If you find an advanced course let me know. I will try to budget it in. My last MSF course was over 5 years ago.

      1. Ahem, The wifey corrected you (from our earler conversation). It is in Midvale. Murrey Spartans RULE; Midvale Hillcrest (whatever mascot you use) Drools!

        Sounds good. Not this week because of the work hours. Let me know when after that works for you.

  3. Hey, at least you can’t be accused of riding a 2 wheeled rolling couch. That is reserved for the goldwings.

      1. I would like to know what wheel/tire combo he had and suspension mods on that bike. Urban legend says that he had to sell the bike because it was a cop magnet.

    1. Nothing wrong with them. That is what a friend of mine called his after he retired his chopper.

  4. Two pair of pants, a jacket, two helmets, a pair of gloves, various faring bits, some joints that hurt with weather changes……ah the price of fun. Do it before you get too old and can’t balance anymore.

    1. This will probably be my last pure Sport Bike, so I am going to enjoy it. My next one might be a big ZX bike or relegate myself to just Cruisers because of bad knees or something… But I am going to enjoy the Superhawk for all its worth.

    1. Those guys have some crazy skills… See, I recognize that I have a lot more machine than I know what to do with. Which is why I am looking at riding courses. Not the Safety stuff… The Hasty stuff.

    1. Oh my…

      I think that was a bad thing to show me.

      To Do List… New… Entered… Save… Yeah, it’s on the To Do list now.

  5. Ogre, I’m giving you so much shit because my bike is still in storage. That’s all. I burn plenty of rice between the Honda and my K-sock. Just envying that grin that only being on a bike can bring.

    1. Oh, I know… you are more rice than I am. In my drive way is a Ford Explorer, Pontiac Montana, Ford Bronco Full Size, and a Chevy 2500 4×4… My Rice in on the Side. Yes, I know of those American rigs – only one is running… but still! Ha!

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