Dear Savage

I really love my Savage 93R17 rifle.  It’s accuracy is staggering. Easily on par with .17 caliber rifles costing twice as much.
Unfortunately you guys have the worst magazines out there. The mag its self is kinda sad, and the way it locks on the rifle is just stupid.  Sharp edges, finicky feeding, and slow to use.
Please do something about that.

6 thoughts on “Dear Savage”

  1. At least offer ten round mags. And don’t double the price. $15 per is already too much to pay for what little there is. I can buy .45 ACP mags that have four times the metal and ten times the amount of fabrication for less.

  2. Yes, that is my one gripe the the Savage rimfire magazines for their bolt action rifles. The Savage model 64’s magazines are much better. I don’t know why they can’t use that design for all of their rifles.

  3. No kidding. The mags and release really are flimsy sheet metal. I don’t think I’ve ever shot anything better than the .17 though. It’s a lot more expensive than dicking around with a .22lr, but much funner.

  4. I suddenly flashed on an image of the Ogre rocking in a mini version of an AK-47 magazine into his Savage….Which brings up the thought of adopting the new Ruger 25 round .22 mag to the Savage?

  5. Drop a subtle hint on MadDog (TM)?

    Who wants to know how any of the brotherhood would end up with a magazine fed weapon AND ONLY ONE MAGAZINE! The mind boggles.

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