Forget the normal politics of the Primaries… Let’s look at the possible Sidekick options.  I mean, who is capable of filling Joe Biden’s shoes?  The man has been an ICON.  He has offered so much for all of us to enjoy.  Who can do this? Who can be a Presidential Comedic Sidekick?

Dennis Miller?  No, he’s too smart.
Larry the Cable Guy?  No, because he’d just rip the sleeves off his suits.
Bill Engvall?   Hmmm… He’s naturally funny… smart enough to get the job done and make light of everything around him… Maybe we should get Bill Engvall as the Vice President.

(No insult to Bill…. I love that guy.)


4 thoughts on “Sidekicks.”

  1. I like Bill too but he’s a bit of a Fudd. Made it clear on Bill MAher’s show. Defended the 2nd ammendment and said gun bans are bad but also stated he didn’t see the need to own an assault rifle.

    And no, I don’t watch Bill Mahr. He infuriates me. I was channel surfing and was shocked to see Engvall on there. So I watched for a minute.

  2. Yes, Ron White!

    I like Miller too but he still doesn’t dig on guns. Once stated that letting the AWB sunset was a mistake.

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