Uprising Short Story Contest

Wanted: Short Stories from the Uprising Universe. Submitted stories will be filtered and the best ones will be submitted for Voting. The best Winning stories will be published in the upcoming Uprising Anthology. The very best story gets top billing, and the Author will become the new President of Iceland in one of the Uprising books, Russia or China. Other writing contests let you win small prizes or bragging rights. I’ll give you Iceland. Because I can. All of it. The hole place and everything on it. In fiction of course.

Things in Iceland: Chicks, in natural hot springs, hotdogs, rotten shark meat. It's Great!

14 thoughts on “Uprising Short Story Contest”

  1. Okay, but what are you looking for here? Zombies from deep space attacking Earthly Humanity? Give me a clue Ogre. Just point a finger for us. I want Iceland. I need Iceland. From Iceland I can invade Norway and seize the vast oil and gas fields. With those commodities in my possession I will build a real “warrior class” military. I will strike southward, bypassing the British Isles. I will……oh forget it. Just give me a clue dude.

  2. Sweet! I’ll definitely be submitting. Few questions though:

    What is the minimum/maximum length?
    When is the submission deadline?
    Where do we submit the manuscript and how should it be submitted?

  3. “Well Sven it appears the biotics that live in the steaming hot water of the pots is very anagonistic to the viri that keeps the Zombies going. Which is why hitting them with that water from fire hoses works so well. We’ve been able to heard the rest right into the effective pools. It looks like we are gong to make it.”Yah, it is a pity about the sulfur content, other wise we could have just added carrots and potatoes.”

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