Working on The Armed Nation: E2.

Working on the second episode of The Armed Nation.  Doing a little format change and doing a little Show and Tell for this one.

Anyone have any topics you want us to cover?

9 thoughts on “Working on The Armed Nation: E2.”

  1. Personal favorites in firearms, best buys in certain categories, ammo preferences, Possibly an introduction to you and Ben, back stories, etc.
    You may be attracting people who dont know you and are curious as to who they are listening to.


  2. Personally, I’d love to see something like: you comparing the 10mm you love to a .40s&w, and make a case for one over the other. Not that there are right answers and wrong answers, just your opinion, explained at length. Not that you have to explain anything to anyone. Maybe the Crusader Glock 23 vs. the XDm 40c…stuff like that. Do your rifles, too, and shotguns. Your buddy Daniel asks everyone “870 or 500?” Answer it, on video, and tell us why. Would be cool. I think I’ll do the same, one of these days. P.S.: I haven’t watched Ep. 1…it’s pretty long…if I was working behind the counter at a gun store, I might have 45-60 minutes to watch streaming video online. I don’t. Again, not that you’re making these for me. Just my $0.02. Happy New Year!


  3. Hi George, is there anywhere to download these to listen and watch on the go without streaming? Itunes in your future?

  4. How about training experiences with different systems.

    I.E. Glock style safe triggers vs. S&W add on thumb safety vs. 1911 safety vs. SIG de-cocker.

    Student errors, problems shifting between systems, accuracy esp. with the SIG DA/SA combo, vs. constant trigger pull.

    Toss in the Walther PPQ, if you can find one.

    Who wishes he was a rich man…la da dee dee dumb…sigh.

  5. Three things.

    1. Who are you and why should I listen to you versus all the other “experts” (gun, self-defense, tactical training, tiddly-winks) out there on the ‘net. Why am I spending my time with you?

    2. Jason’s comment on what to look for in an instructor needs expounded upon. Not only what you should look for, but what should you expect and how can you tell when things are going south BEFORE someone gets hurt. Plus, what to look for in a Rec Range and “home” LGS. Some people need a little more leading/info/nudging than others. This could also be broadened to “What NOT to do when talking to a prospective instructor/dealer.” Throwing out MW3 terms immediately comes to mind.

    3. Guns. Pick one or two per show and get in-depth with them. How they’re used, their history (if any), concealment options/usage, etc… I mean, the tactical beards are cool and all, but do you really think we’re watching just because it’s you? ;P Other weapons easily fit in this category (it is ARMED Nation), such as the Cattle Cane mentioned on WTA) Though, perhaps that is best made into a #4: Alternative Weapons.

    Good luck, and Happy New Year.

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