10 thoughts on “How does he do it?”

  1. Yep. Them trees with that moss places him not too far from the coast somewhere between southeast Texas and Savannah, GA — or north/central Florida.

  2. heh just messing – IDC who does it first or last – its always cool to launch stuff with tannerite. He was gnarly close and doing it with FA was awesome.

  3. As Vet,a retired cop, Bomb Squad Commander and Academy Instructor I can say without hesitation that this guy shooting in this viseo is an idiot. I see a hell of a lot on this web sight that causes us 2nd Amendment problems. After reading Hill’s book, (I only finished it because I couldn’t believe one person could be so…imaginative, I guess would be a nice way to put it)I kinda got the idea of what type of person he is. I’ll be and am the first to stand up for gun rights. Saying that, I’m also old enough and been around enough to know that a locker full of exotic guns is not gonna do you a damn bit of good unless you want to open a shop. By now you should have one,maybe two favorite long guns and a couple of pistols that you like and are good with. That’s all you need. All these people that are worrying about us losing our guns and then some bastard country running us over need to remember that if you have the will,and a good knife, you can have just about any gun you want should society fall.

    1. Thanks for kind words… I’m all sorts of touched.
      As far as how many guns he has – of course he doesn’t own them. He just gets access to them. That’s what I wonder at. An Arms Locker of Wonder.

      1. He’s gonna end up as a big pink mist if he’s not careful………I would worry about posting something like thta.Some kid will get a gallon of gas, a bail of hay and a tracer and kill themselves and you know as well as I do the “Liberal Tsunami” will be after you.

  4. He rents them from a local range or something like that. He explained it in one of his videos, but I’m not sure which one.

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