Man oh man… I’m sick of Christmas Music!  All day long!  We have about 5 CD’s of the stuff, and we rotate through them.  Could you imagine having to listen to nothing but Christmas Music and nothing else for the rest of your life?

But what could you listen to for the rest of your life?  5 Bands. Nothing else.  That’s it.

Here’s mine:

1.    Pink Floyd
2.   Led Zeplin
3.   Queensryche
4.   AC/DC
5.   Rob Zombie

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  1. The Cure
    Leonard Cohen
    Warren Zevon
    The Dresden Dolls
    Regina Spektor

    What can I say, I’m complex.

  2. 5 CDs worth? George, you have NO idea how lucky you are. At my workplace, we’ve got about 3 CDs worth of music, total, that gets played over the PA System. We go through every single track at least twice each shift, usually more. And it isn’t even good music; mostly that pop diva princess stuff that’s popular these days. Christmas music is the same; maybe 3 CDs worth. I swear, if I hear “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” one more time…

    I’m sorry, what? 5 groups I could listen to for the rest of my life? Okay, uh… here we go:

    -ZZ Top
    -Bee Gees
    -Johnny Cash

  3. Well done, Ogre & great suggestions from the others…some awesome bands!

    Only 5…hmmm…OK.

    Total agreement on #1
    1-Pink Floyd
    Gotta have blues-big list but if I had to pick one…
    3-Zeppelin (Black Crowes are close…but Led Zep are the cornerstone)
    4-Metallica – Demigods of metal – if you gotta go to war…
    Wow, this is hard…but I gotta go punk…
    5-Ramones – if you never saw them live: my condolences…

    Big props to all the bands on the lists so far. I know and love each of them…even Weird Al 🙂

  4. Toss Zeplin(not a fan, period. Sorry.) Toss Zombie(Good, even great, but top 5? No.)

    Add Johnny Cash, and believe it or not- CW McCall. I never get tired of his stuff.

    Runners up- George Straight, Merle Haggard or Waylon Jennings. In fact, why not the Statler Brothers or SRV.

    Huh. Just five? Really? That’s like saying five calibers only. Don’t work in my world.

  5. Hey, don’t take offense at my choices. My #1 doesn’t mean he’s the best. Not by any stretch. But I love his music and it’s MY list after all…

    1. White Zombie/Rob Zombie
    2. VAST
    3. The Black Keys
    4. NIN
    5. Soundgarden/Audioslave/Chris Cornell

  6. Damn, tough to argue with Ogre’s list. No Metallica…but who to strike to allow them on?
    Pantera, Vulgar Display of Power era, needs to be up there too.

    Glad to see Queensryche mentioned. It’s been years since I listened to Mindcrime. Can’t even find the CASSETTE TAPE I have it on.

  7. Frank Zappa
    Johnny Cash
    Scott Walker (solo and Walker Brothers works)
    David Bowie
    Lounge Lizards

    …so I get bored with the popular stuff. What about it? ;-}

    Merry Christmas all!

  8. I’d just about concur on your list,
    But I’d have to drop one band to add
    The Cruxshadows.

    Just which band would be problimatic.

  9. Let’s add some class to the mix – some smooth

    Glenn Miller
    Tommy Dorsey
    Benny Goodman
    Nat King Cole

    and, hmmm John Phillip Sousa, just for some martial/patriotic spirit.

  10. In a hurry:

    1. Led Zep (and other projects of these gods of Rock & Roll)
    2. Pink Floyd
    3. Metallica
    4. Alice in Chains (and offshoots: Mad Season, Jerry Cantrell solo, etc.)
    5. Soundgarden (and other Chris Cornell projects: Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, solo, etc.)

    If I had more time, I’d probably evaluate only groups w/ 10 or more albums (in fact, I may have done that; I’m just not gonna go count ’em and their offshoots to see if they meet that stip), just to maximize the song variety.

    Good exercise, Og. I’ve never thought about just 5. I’ve always thought about Top 10s.

    So many great selections in everybody’s entries!

    Can I just bring my iPod Classic 160GB with 5000+ songs by God knows how many artists? Please?!

  11. OK … you can guess the ages of posters by looking at the bands they list.

    Everyone likes whatever was playing on the radio / internet when they were in their teens.

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