Navy’s Gay Kiss

You guys have seen the news report about the first Navy Gay Kiss.  Pretty much, that aint the first gay kiss.  This is going around some circles as being troubling.  My take?  Don’t care.  It’s nice that these girls are able to be themselves… I have no problem with this.  I don’t think the Government has the right to tell someone who they can and can not love.  What I see as a problem, is the news making an issue of it.
If we want to be Free… we have to accept Freedom.  Funny, how most people who seem to have issues with this – have issues with real Freedom.

BTW, they look like a great couple and we wish them all the happiness in the world.

30 thoughts on “Navy’s Gay Kiss”

  1. Ironically, today is my 27th wedding anniversary.

    …..and I can just FEEL the sanctity of my marriage crumbling because of that kiss…….


  2. Right on, George. Heck, I can understand where those women are coming from better than I can most straight women. I mean who doesn’t want to kiss a beautiful girl after being stuck on a boat for 90 days?

    1. Seriously. I don’t even need to be stuck on a boat for 90 days, for that matter. Kissing beautiful girls is its own reward…

  3. Hmmm..the reaction to 2 attractive girls kissing is much different that the reaction would have been if 2 guys were locking lips…ewwwwwwwwwww…no one wants to see that!

    1. Personally, I can’t understand why all women aren’t gay; who the heck wants to kiss a man, anyway? I’m not complaining that many of them seem to be interested in us, but I can’t understand it.

      That said, a number of women I know would disagree with you, there. Seems they’re as interested in seeing men kiss, as many men are in seeing women kiss…

      1. Maybe you would have. But just imagine what the media coverage would be like if it were two guys. If anyone thinks this is a big deal… pfff. And the reaction from the Navy? It’d be over for them. These chicks will get some cat calls and ribbing. MAYBE. Two guys? Career over.

  4. If a couple cares for each other, it’s their own damn business, whether other people like it or not. Watching two guys kiss wouldn’t do a thing for me, but it’s as much their right as anyone else’s.
    Just my opinion.

  5. Oh how I wish more people would have a similar opinion. What a great country we could be again if everyone was not so mired in other people business…

    And yea. I think just that attitude ALONE would go a long way.

    As for catcalls and ribbing. My wife came to my job one day and gave me a kiss as she left, nothing obscene peck on the lips. _I_ got plenty of catcalls and ribbing for the rest of the day…it is just what people DO.

  6. In the Marines (and thus probably the Navy), any public display of affection aside from hand holding (left hand only) while in uniform is unauthorized. On that ground, I’d say this incident warrants.. a verbal reprimand. Rules are rules, after all!

    1. Per the news story, there’s actually a raffle held to determine which sailor gets the first kiss. So no reg was broken.

      1. Be free to operate a weapon. The tradition of women being escorted at mens’ left sides dates to keeping the man’s sword-arm free. Not fully applicable to the modern world, given that many women are armed, and folks are not automatically presumed to be right-handed. But that’s the origin.

          1. It’s so if you see an officer you can salute him. That’s what we were told in boot, had nothing to do with using a weapon.

  7. Right again George. I’m as rightwing conservative ultra religious born again praying in toungues Roman Catholic as you can get and I don’t care nor give it a second thought. I might have vomited had I come accross the picture of two men sailors locking lips, but agian, I don’t give a shit.

    Not my place to judge. The Good Lord gave us the freedom of “free will” to follow his commandments precisely because he loves us.

    He gave the whole host of angels that same free will to choose. One third of the heavenly host chose unwisely and were cast down. Many today make bad choices too…this miserable sinner included.

    In the beginning, everybodies name was written into the “Book of Life”.

    You, and only you have the eraser. So all praise to Jesus Christ who redeams me.

    I’ve done my duty and taught my children to reject this behavior in their personal lives as my baptismal oath binds me to do. I fight it when the school tries to preach morality to my kids in school.

    I express my opinion on the matter when asked and only when asked. I have had gay friends in the past (not at present) and likely will at some point in the future again. They recognize my morality from my behavior and example and always ask my position and reasoning. I’m not afraid to tell them if they are not afraid to ask.

    We both respect each others opinions and maybe I planted a seed.

    I object to anybody imposing their morality on somebody else by use of government/force.

    Other than that, I don’t give a rip. They can take that up with their Creator at the appropriate time.

  8. I know when my ship has been torpedoed, and the deck is on fire, the first thing on my mind, the thing that really matters to me above all else, is where the guy next to me likes to hang his tackle when he’s on shore leave.

    Everyone has their kink, “Every generation thinks they invented sex”. Some have more, some have less, but I wouldn’t want someone making decisions about where I can work based on what I do in the privacy of my own relationships.

    Some guys like other guys, some girls like other girls. This doesn’t make them any more or less capable.

    As to moral arguments, objective moral philosophy has very little to say about sex. Rape is not OK and you shouldn’t diddle children are pretty solidly defensible positions. Much of the other stuff is bigotry, social scar tissue, and cultural indoctrination. I desperately wish the world would learn the difference between a rational moral argument and a personal preference.

    Do what you like, give others the same respect and we can all get along on this short lived blue dot we all call home.

  9. “I know when my ship has been torpedoed, and the deck is on fire, the first thing on my mind, the thing that really matters to me above all else, is NOT where the guy next to me likes to hang his tackle when he’s on shore leave.”

    There, fixed it for ya…if not, well carry on sailor! -db

  10. It used to be that tolerance didn’t mean approval and, likewise, disapproval didn’t mean intolerance. The fact that there is media coverage about this non-event proves that this goes beyond a desire for live-let-live. The end goal is tacit approval from everyone and eventual prosecution (or should I say persecution?) of any dissenters. The “New” tolerance demands approval … at least when it comes to homosexuality.

    If it was strictly about live-let-live, it wouldn’t bother me what free-willed people choose to do. Sadly, when the pendulum swings the other way, I think the groundwork will have been laid for me to be silenced. I will not feel very free then.

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