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  1. And they work! Sure, they’ll probably never be as accurate as a well maintained AR-15 (although I’m curious to see what Crusader can do). But on the other hand the performance difference between well and poorly maintained AK’s is vastly smaller than that of the AR-15. And let’s face it; if the SHTF you probably won’t be cleaning after every time you shoot.

    1. We have something up our sleeves for an in house ground up build for the AK, that if we do it… Will be the most accurate AK on the planet.

          1. I think people
            Make way to much of a big deal about the AKs “inaccuracy”. It has some hurdles, sure, but it can be a plenty accurate platform with the right upgrades. The problem is, most people slap a tapco scope mount and a cheap red dot on them an then bitch about inaccuracy. An AK with a decent barrel and an aimpoint on an ultimak(sp?) mount can kick some serious ass. I still prefer the AR though cause of the straight back recoil design.

      1. What’s the anticipated pricepoint? As much as an AR?
        I’d pay it for AK reliability, AR accuracy, and approaching AR or even M-1A ergonomics…but not so sure about it for 2 of those 3.

  2. In a way we’ve become kind of spoiled when it comes to accuracy in rifles. You can purchase a Weatherby Vanguard that will do less than an inch right out of the box these days. I can remember when brush deer hunters were happy if they had a rifle that would shoot into a 4 inches at a 100 yards. Given the difficulty of controlling the harmonics of the relatively thin light barrel of an AK, in some ways it is surprising they are accurate as they are. I suspect the accuracy of the 5.45 x 39 edge over the 7.62 is in part due to the barrel being stiffer as much as the velocity increase. I’ve wondered if you could do a split tube stiffener with some high temp epoxy between the receiver and gas block and get a significant improvement in accuracy?

  3. Ogre,
    One thing to remember here when it comes to accuracy. There’s only so much accuracy that can be squeezed out of Wolf 7.62X39, or any Combloc surplus.

    1. Yea … but an AK is only a barrel change away from shooting 6mm PPC, or that 6.5mm Trademark round.

      I’ll bet you can free-float an AK barrel. You would need to re-design the hand guard Or retrofit an AR floater ), and have the gas piston’s tube come up to, but not quite touch the gas block.

    2. So don’t use the Wolf or combloc surplus, duh. There’s high quality ammo available for teh 7.62×39, you just have to look for it, and be prepared to pay for it. Keep the cheap stuff around for training, but don’t expect the rifle to live up to its potential with it. Also, the link for “like” is too close to the link for reply….

  4. I’ve never had a problem with the ergonomics of an AK47 (I’m particularly fond of the underfolders). The only two complaints that I have about them is the safety on the off-side and the lack of a bolt hold-open and a thumb-relesae for the bolt. Put a left-side safety (a’la Galil) on it and a reliable hold-open device, and I’d be perfectly happy.
    The AK does exactly what it was intended to do – which is go bang every time under any conditions – with great reliability. And its accuracy is just fine for its intended purpose.
    If Crusader brings out an AK that is as reliable as the original and imparts a higher degree of accuracy – I can see that I’ll have to stretch my budget a bit farther (as long as there aren’t a mass of rails all over it).

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