Dear MagPul

Dear MagPul,

I know you guys are working on a Quadstack Magazine for the AR-15/M-16 Family of weapons.  Surefire beat you to the punch as you well know and this leaves you trying to enter a market that has competition.  You will do well with it, but you wont do as well as you had once hoped.

So I have an idea for you.  Take that Quadstack concept, and apply it to a weapon system that could really use it.  The AK-47.  As you guys are locked on and high speed, you guys know that the AK-47 is a great weapon with a lot of fans world wide.  You also know that the AK is limited when the Shooter has to drop down into the Prone shooting position.  You are forced to be up higher from the ground than you may want to be in a dynamic active situation, or you have to tilt the weapon or even go all the way sideways.  This is less than optimal.   So I propose that you make a Quadstack AK Mag that is as short as possible, while still holding 30 rounds, and then another one of higher capacity going no longer than standard AK length, maybe 40, 50, or even 60 rounds.   Personally, I’d stick with the Short 30 for most situations.  This would allow the AK Operator to prone out nice and low and still have a full capacity mag on tap.  Every serious AK Operator in Western Civilization would be lining up to buy these.

You make a Short 30, and you’ll have a Home Run product that isn’t a cell phone case.  If you hustle, you can get some of these ready for SHOT Show.

Please consider this.  Thanks.

George Hill
The Ogre from,, and Crusader Weaponry

11 thoughts on “Dear MagPul”

  1. Or they could re-do the tried and proven RPK drum. Which holds 75 rounds and is shorter than a 30 round mag.

      1. And seriously gets in the way of your forward hand when shooting from any position but prone with a bipod.

  2. The real problem with AK accessories is that the more expensive they are, the harder they are to sell. Most people have a hard time justifying spending 75.00+ for one item when they only spent around 400.00 for the rifle. There are not many “tactical” AK’s that are actually being used and that limits the market even more. I do love a good AK (I’ve owned the first ever Krebs KTR-01 and my last AK was a sweet Vector underfolder) but I do feel a bit uncomfortable mounting a red dot rig that costs more than I paid for the rifle or even 50.00+ for a short 30rd magazine. That’s just me and from what I have seen during my counter days but it’s possible that views & feelings are different in other parts of the country.

  3. I’d be interested in a short, lightweight 30 rounder. The only concern I’d have would be the extra girth might make it harder to handle for people with smaller hands than me, and you’d probably need to have custom mag pouches made up. If it is made out of plastic, it needs to have steel locking lugs molded into it, or it simply will not hold up. $40 would be a nice price, but I’d rather pay a bit more than sacrifice on the quality. The unwillingness to spend money on AK rifles and accessories is the biggest issue holding the platform back right now.

  4. Unless you are doing Class III hosing-the-scenery AK stuff, why not just go with a 20rd mag? Heck, I like 20’s even when using the squirt gun.

    1. You like the size or the Round limitation? Because I’m thinking it would be Baws to have full capacity in that sized mag. Which would be no wider that the receiver.

  5. Sounds good, but I really want a higher capacity magazine for the AK-74 platform. I’d really love to have some sort of 45 or 60rd quad-stack mag, or maybe some sort of small (again 45 or 60rd) drum for my 5.45×39 Krinkov.

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