Time Magazine’s Man of the Year… The Rapists, Thieves, Vagrants, and those that shat on the US Flag and Police Cars; That’s their man if the year.
So the magazine that used to celebrate the American Way… Is now the equivalent of a Radio Shock Jock… Howard Stern is now the Editor?  No, because even Stern would’ve not been that stupid. 

16 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Dude… WTF?
    Seriously, WTF?
    Want to start a town where people live and teach their kids how to properly live and celebrate the American Way?


  2. Come on. You expected something better from Time Magazine?

    Better to treat them as the insignificant fishwrapper they are. No press.

  3. Uh… not sure if you were aware, Ogre, but TIME is kind of a worldwide magazine these days. Likewise, the term “protester” has been used in a few places other than Wall Street this year. I’d say protesters toppling three major middle eastern regimes and scaring the crap out of the rest of ’em is pretty influential. Similarly the Tea Party is referenced as successful, powerful protest movement. Something I for one am glad to see stated in the MSM for the world to see.

    Comes across to me like a celebration of values like free speech and revolution that Americans have always held dear.

    1. Yeah. In 1938, I think.
      Their standard for ‘MotY’ is “someone who has influenced world events – for good or evil.” I guess Hitler qualified.

  4. Just think about that cop at UC Davis…he got to pepper spray the “Man of the Year”. Not to gotdam shabby.

  5. Yeah! Fuck those people fighting for their right to free speech in Syria!

    They can only have freedom when WE give it too them….

    And while we’re at it, fuck those kids who ramble on and on about ending gov’t collusion with big business and rolling back infringements on the Bill of Rights. I want my nation’s laws drafted by multinationals. Besides, I’ve got nothing to hide, listen away, Uncle Sam! In fact, I would consider it an honor to be pepper-sprayed by a federal official. God Bless America.

    But fuck my fellow citizens!

    You guys are hilarious sometimes.

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