I whip my hair back and forth

Will Smith has a little girl… She has a song out by that title.  I think too many shooters have that song stuck in their heads.
Search and Assessment means look around you for threats… Not jerk your melon around like your in a pop dance number.  Fight and train alike… So take a moment and actually look around you – or don’t do it at all.  Because not only do you look retarded, your building a harmful training scar.

10 thoughts on “I whip my hair back and forth”

    1. He’s just in touch with his inner child, who appears to be a little girl. I hear that Crusader is working on a new Hello Kitty special edition AR. Treated with new Slipstream pink. 😉

        1. If by “exotic” you mean “Mrs. Ogre will knock you out with a single to the head for saying that”… Then yeah… Pretty damn exotic. She actually did that once to a guy. Not kidding.

  1. I am so so sorry I took the time to look up that video. /facepalm america’s youth hard at work!

  2. Ogre King Dude Sire:
    After reading the Uprising books, I feel that I know the Queen personally. A magnificent woman, I’m sure.

  3. Against better judgement- I looked up the song.

    THAT’S THE NEXT GENERATION THAT’S TO LEAD OUR COUNTRY? God help us all. If I ever have a daughter……..

    Just, oh hell. Nevermind.

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