The Mustang II

The Mustang II is a lie.  It’s not a Mustang. It’s not even a “Two” because there was nothing before it.  I don’t care how nice yours was, or how much you loved it… It was a damn dirty lie!

8 thoughts on “The Mustang II”

  1. Had one. It was the biggest piece of crap I ever drove and I once had a Vega. Yeah, I’d take the Vega over the II any day. The plastic pieces in the interior literally rotted to dust. The wiring must have been outsourced to MG. The engine puked a timing belt at 75,000 miles and it’s only by pure luck that it didn’t suck a valve. I hated it. Man how I hated that car.

    1. Timing “belt” means that it is a 2300 4 banger.
      That is a non interference engine, you can spin that engine over all you want without a belt without harming it.
      There really were not many sterling american cars during that time period.
      However, the II kept the mustang alive so we could enjoy the versions that came afterwards.


        1. I am not a mustang fan, even tho I have been owner… or part owner, of a few.
          I am all about the function of a car, my favorite mustang to use as a base to build on… a 1979 coupe.


  2. PINTO-STANG!!! It is the ONLY mustang I would even consider. So I guess I agree…it was a super cool pinto…not a mustang.

  3. The only experience with mustangs I’ve had was the 3rd gen my sister owned. After my father got sick of keeping it running for her we parked it in the woods.

    Five years later my father sold it ‘as is’ to a friend of my brothers who was JAZZED about the project and promised to document the transition from ugly duckling to beautiful -and FAST- swan.

    He showed up, paid my father and actually managed to get it running. Five minutes later we saw thick black smoke filling the sky just down the road and heard the fire engines sirens en-route.

    The local fire department managed to keep the car from melting into the asphalt, but it was a total loss. My brother kindly offered to help the proud new owner document this part of the ‘project’ with photos.

    Heh, my father being the old softy he was gave the guy his money back. 😛

  4. The pinto-stang indeed. But with a four speed, and a healthy built 302 v-8, they could move, as in R.F.N.!!! Ugly doin’ it, yeah. But fast is fast, pig lipstick or no.

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