16 thoughts on “A new paradigm of pistols”

  1. If I had less bladder control, I am pretty sure I would have wet myself from laughing at this.

  2. But….but….it’s a *TACTICAL* pocket pistol!!

    Just the ticket for your tactical pockets.


  3. That has what? a 3/8th. inch length tactical barrel? Discounting the porting….Only word that comes to mind is “Oww” – D)&*_) that hurt!

    Now in .380 or even 9mm, just maybe!

  4. LOL, let the mocking begin, I want to try one. It’s a gun, that makes it fun.

  5. The Semmerling did it better.

    a light .45ACP is hell to shoot. I used to own one of ADCs.

    1. I have one in .44 mag. After 8 rounds the knuckle on my middle finger was swollen and bleeding. I’m guessing your .45 ACP was a pussycat in comparison.

  6. Obviously somebody posted a press release as news.
    I don’t know what the market is for this thing, but if they survive as a company, that’s all that matters.
    Me I wouldn’t bet on them, the Derringer market is over saturated as it is.
    Who will stick with his LCP and the 1-round extension.

  7. I’ll withhold judgment until some specs come out.

    If it’s smaller than a Ruger LCP, I’d consider it.

    (Hey, 2 rounds of .45 ACP is nothing to sneeze at)

  8. Derringer? Helped a friend get a Bond Arms in .45 long Colt/.410. He lives in a motor home. Has had several heart attacks and a stroke leaving him too weak to handle a large weapon. You can forget the wimp factor, he is ex Special Forces.

    Point is, it is more important choices are available for all needs than “image’. My position, your mileage may vary.

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