9 thoughts on “The Quake in VA.”

  1. Caryn is driving down there right now, dropping her son off.
    I had her pull cash in case there are aftershocks and the phone system gets screwed up.
    Ahh the things you dont normally think about.


  2. It evacuated the hospital I was working at in Northern Virgina. Then rush hour started two hours early. Ugh.

  3. I felt the tremor in Cincinnati. Very slight and if I hadn’t been sitting quietly at a desk I likely would not have felt it at all.

  4. All I need to properly round off my week is a freakin hurricane.


    (Livin’ in Fredericksburg)

  5. My nephew in NYC felt the subway car he was in shake – more than usual apparently felt by all on board!

  6. If memory serves there was a quake in the late 1800’s in the same area that bascialy shifted the entire middle US and eastern sea board several feet up and down, History channel I think. Anyway had that quake happened with todays population it could have cost hundreds of thousands if not more. Precurser to another? Hope not, unless its under DC of course….snicker

  7. Bonnie and I were actually on the northern end of the I-95 bypass going around Richmond waiting in line for lunch when it happened. It was a decent shaker but I’ve been in much worse when I was living in Japan…but that didn’t stop many people from freaking out and crashing the whole phone system.

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