2 thoughts on “Norway”

  1. I have read a couple hundred pages of this guy’s online screed. Scary part is I agree with some of it. Problem is my spiritual faith would never allow me to murder the children of my enemies. The guy is smart, methodical, thorough, and well prepared. But he is an Evil nutbag, just this side of the 9-11 terrorists as far as I can tell. And he ain’t a Christian, Christians don’t ruthlessly murder innocent children. And he ain’t a “right wing extremist” except by European standards. They think Hitler was a “right wing extremist.”

    This cat attacked a youth camp instead of some masjid or mosque because he knew it would be a soft target. A masjid probably has armed guards, and no lily-white Viking is walking in there with a rifle, police uniform or not.

    21 years in prison is the worst he can get. He’ll be my age when he gets out. Can you say “movie/book deal?”

    I cannot help but sympathize with the families of the victims. God Bless the dead and wounded.

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