Cop goes ballistic on CCW holder

Wow… just wow. This cop should not be on the job at all. I don’t care what the laws are in Ohio, he has no right to be abusive and threatening the man’s life when the man is complying with everything he is ordered to do… and trying to tell the cop. WTF? I’d really like to see the whole video and not just what was edited.

19 thoughts on “Cop goes ballistic on CCW holder”

  1. Mr Hill I saw the vid last nite on 17 minutes long on there.I am surprised the driver made it out alive.If the the Driver had been a real threat both Cops wuold have been dead.The Driver tried 3 times to tell he was an Ohio CHL Holder and was armed as their law requires but he was told to shut up.If I did’nt know better I would think it was a bad TV show.Cops are not supposed to threaten to kill citizens.

  2. Ditto.
    Unbelievable that such a creep should be allowed to “serve” the public. He should be relieved
    of duty. He should have HIS weapon denied to him. He needs Prozac more than a Glock.

  3. Wow one more tough guy cause he has a uniform. It’s like the clowns we
    Have in the army, everyone is Billy baddass cause they have rank or
    In this case a badge. I don’t know how it works in law enforcement but wear
    Is the serve and protect in this? Also what are the SOPs standards for conduct ect for police?

  4. Guys, I have lots of friends in Law Enforcement and they are some of the finest/best people I know.
    I’m not bashing cops at all and I don’t want anyone else to either. However this guy, treating a law abiding citizen this way… This crosses the line. If this guys is so short fused that he goes off on a CCW Holder like this – someone who’s background is vetted by a background check as having the card shows – then he should find another field of work. Like sorting bottle caps, or directing traffic in India.

    1. Indeed. My father carried a gun and a badge for half a century by the time he retired, in both city and Federal positions. We often talked about the changes he saw, from when he started (after getting back from Korea) to the time he retired, and beyond.

      Since cops are given so much power, they should be held to a higher standard. I expect all the honest peace officers would agree.

      Unfortunately, all too often these days, it seems that they are being held to a lower standard than the general public. And the ones who gravitate towards that situation (power, and no responsibility) end up making a bad name for all the rest. They end up making things dangerous for the others by pushing some folks over the edge.

      There have always been punks with badges, but the situation does seem to be going downhill, as the level of responsibility drops. Power inherently requires responsibility, but the courts and such have been trying to pretend that responsibility doesn’t exist. Cops aren’t responsible for corrupt actions. Criminals aren’t responsible for their crimes.

      I’ve always said that cops who commit crimes should face charges at the next level up. Violations become misdemeanors. Misdemeanors become felonies. Felonies become life sentences. And destruction/falsifying evidence, perjury, or such, if it results in the conviction of an innocent individual, should be a mandatory minimum of life without parole.

      The honest peace officers would be in no danger. But the enhancements would deter those who want power without responsibility from applying for the job. And those who did would not end up being hated by large chunks of the population due to the actions of those who call them “brothers.”

  5. this guy should not be a cop. This is so beyond unacceptable that it should not be tolerated in the least. How someone this unhunged passes a pysch ecal and becomes a cop is mind boggling. This is completely outside his authority to act in this and had no justifiable reason for doing so, it should not be tolerated by the victim, the public or the department he serves. He needs to be fired from duty immediatly and sued by that citizen he harrassed, made an example of so others don’t act this way. Its too bad that there are alot of people who become cops to be bully and push people around, they make real cops look bad and most cops are great, proffesional people who treat others with respect and do exhibit self control while doing dangerous work. Hopefully this guy will be removed and put in a line of work more suited to him, like cleaning bathrooms in a taco bell.

    1. He made death threats, while armed with a firearm. That’s a felony, most places, and often has a mandatory minimum.

      Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that Ohio doesn’t have any law whereby a cop can arbitrarily threaten to murder folks, so he has no defense that he was acting in the line of duty.

      He should be prosecuted, and tossed in general population.

  6. Being a cop myself, I can say that I would be fired in a second if I did that…as I should be. Does anyone know if anything happened to this thug cop?

    1. He’s been on leave since June 20th, according to news reports (the incident was on June 8th).

      He’s been investigated by IA sixteen prior times since 2000.

      Who knows how many other incidents were never reported out of fear.

      That punk should be behind bars.

  7. This sort of thing just infuriates me. The only thing that keeps me from being ashamed to be in the same career field as this buttnugget is the knowledge that this sort of behavior is the exception, rather than the rule.

    …..but there still seem to be WAAAAAAAAAAY too many “exceptions”……

  8. Spelling corrections are SO very meaningful regarding this post.

    My time in the USMC taught me the 10% rule.

    10% of the people screw it up for the other 90% and this thug just made the other 90% of cops’ job that much harder.

    Makes me glad I don’t live in Ohio (or Ill-noise, or the PRK)

    1. I expected him to fix the error if he could, and then delete my post afterward. I’ve been corresponding with Mr. Hill for quite some time now.

      Assuming malicious intent without proof is so unhelpful.

      1. Pet peeve. Only the first sentence was directed at the spelling. The 10/90 comment was in regards to LEO’s and the db in the video, not you.

        Apologies if that was not how you read it. I generally find corrections are better handled through PM’s.

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