10 thoughts on “SIG’s 1911s.”

  1. Great review love Sig’s – sold my C3 a while back sorry I did. Despite the front serrations the 1911 new style looks pretty sharp!

  2. If I was the king of a pistol manufacturing company I’d do my dangdest to get dummy hard plastic models sent out to all the holster makers in the market and make it real easy for the custom guys to get one. I’d go real hard for various pistol, holster, combos at different price points. Especially if I wanted to sell my high dollar pistol with the rails on it. “Look, the new Toadstool Tactical has a flash light, laser, and bayonet mount with an inside the waist band holster. Don’t buy it, no cup holder.”

  3. Unrelated to 1911s. However you may wish to discuss this with me. I’m about to buy a .308 rifle. Why would I choose a Crusader Broadsword over an LMT in .308, or an M1A?

    The LMT is about $1,500 more, the M1A carries a lot of history, and the Broadsword is promoted by a man I have grown to respect over the years.

    In truth, I will probably end up with an M1A (to go along with a couple of Garands already in the vault) in addition to whatever else I get. So, the choice is between the Broadsword and the LMT. Can you offer any advice on the decision?

    1. Brian, the LMT’s are really the only rifle other than the Broadsword that Id buy with my own money. They are well built. However, they do not come with the ST-2 treatment done and they do not come with your choice of the stock and fore end. The ST-2 enhances the reliability while making the gun feel much smoother in cycling. And it greatly improves the trigger pull. Stock Milspec trigger parts feel more custom match triggers. You buy a rifle with a stock you don’t want, your throwing away money. So there are two reasons. The Broadsword is also coming with the BattleComp muzzle brake, which is more efficient than any other brake/flash hider that I’ve ever seen. Makes the Broadsword feel like your shooting a 5.56mm gun. Overall I’d put a Broadsword up against any LMT in terms of accuracy and reliability.

      1. I’m really surprised that George didn’t mention the most important thing…the first calss customer support and after sale support. If you have a question/problem and you call LMT you will more than likely talk to some customer support phone jockey who will porbably not know what you are talking about, issue you a RMA and then have someone get back to you in 2 weeks or so. Now, if you ever need to call Crusader you will more than likely talk t the man who lovingly and skillfully hand-built your rifle and will be able to answer any question/concern you may have. Both weapon systems are top quality, but one is truly “custom” but the after sale treatment you will receive is what will set the two companies apart.

  4. Thanks guys. I’m a small business owner (industrial machine shop) and talking to a craftsman when I call is a primary selling point.

    I try very hard to spend my money with small companies. We have to look out for each other. Nobody else is.

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