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  1. “New Hampshire legislators voted to override a veto by Democratic Gov. John Lynch on Wednesday, paving the way for a new law to restrict the state’s minimum wage.

    The bill, sponsored by Republican Rep. Carol McGuire and strongly backed by GOP leadership, automatically ties the state minimum wage to the federal minimum wage, assuring that New Hampshire’s rate is as low as it can legally be.

    With its minimum wage currently set at the federal rate of $7.25 per hour, New Hampshire is ensuring that it will continue to have the lowest minimum wage in all of New England. Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut all have state minimum wages between $7.40 and $8.25 an hour.”

    Minor detail, though… the bill actually doesn’t do that. All it does is delete old minimum wage standards dating back to 1997, which no longer apply.

    The bill doesn’t “tie” NH’s minimum wage to the Federal rate; that was already the case, and this bill doesn’t do anything for or against that. Any future change in NH’s minimum wage would have to be established by legislation… that was the case before this bill showed up, and that will continue to be the case after this bill becomes law.

    The /only/ thing it does is remove minimum wage standards that are no longer in effect.

    Actual text:

    Gotta love the blatant propaganda, though, eh? And they cannot avoid making sure you know that Lynch The Governor (not a threat – that’s his actual nickname around the State House) is a Democrat, and McGuire is a Republican. I bet they’d be truly scandalized if they found out she’s really a libertarian, running as Republican because it’s easier to get elected that way? No matter what, I guarantee they won’t mention the number of jobs she and her husband have created as venture capitalists, helping small businesses start up.

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