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A Naked Goldwing

This is something I’ve wanted to build for years.   A Naked Sport bike built off a Goldwing.  This guy did it.  It’s just not quite finished.  If it had a seat, and if it had the cover for the tank, I’d be very tempted to trade my Magna for it.  This ginormous Cafe Racer is just cool… at least, I think it’s cool.  The drag bars and the stripped down look… I really think that’s as cool as bikes get.  I’d paint the thing black and call it the “Deathwing”.  Which was the name I’d given the build when I was a teenager.  I had some friends that started the project, but never taken it to completion.  Much like this one.


  1. L's Gravatar L
  2. L's Gravatar L

    a couple of pages back in the guy’s blog it shows the seat upostery and says that he has the tank cover. And, now that the excuses are solved………

  3. Kristopher's Gravatar Kristopher

    Looks like he did the hard part already … converting the housing into a real gas tank.

    About the only thing I did to mine was put a decent saddle on it ( last two photos shows my new hartco memory foam saddle ).

    The original seat was one of those awful hershey bars. And the previous owner’s saddle sucked.

  4. 06/14/2011    

    This is the reason I plan on buying a Valkyrie… :D


  5. Kristopher's Gravatar Kristopher

    I want one of these …. it gets about a half mile to the gallon:

  6. 06/14/2011    
  7. 06/14/2011    

    Posted the same damn picture as the first comment. Still – nice build.

  8. 06/15/2011    

    Had a Cafe Goldwing back in mid 80’s. Local shop showed me a blower kit for it and was trying to talk me into it when I sold it to raise funds for tuition. Have to dig out pictures.

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