9 thoughts on “How to buy a new gun and not get killed by the wife”

  1. But dude…the first thing I do when I buy a gun is come home and show the wife! It’s half my fun. She usually cares less than zero, but sometimes works up enough effort to pretend she gives a damn.

    My wife says: “If your wife is that much of a harpy, perhaps you need a new one.”

    I love my wife.

  2. My favorite method is the cash gun fund. Sometimes I buy guns and keep them for a while and then resell them on gubroker when the new wears off. The money order that I receive gets cashed. That money is now and forever part of the gun fund. Every payday I keep out a bit of extra cash. This goes to the gun fund. Cash enters the fund and guns are bought. Guns are sold and the cash returns larger than when it left (I only sell if I can make a profit). I also regularly buy guns that the wife knows about. Even if it was bought with our money, if I sell it, then it goes to the gun fund. Money from the fund is only used for guns. My wife knows about most of my purchases, but she just cannot always be counted on to appreciate the subtle differences between the Model 10s already in my safe and the 2 inch 10-5 (nickle) that I just found a great deal on.

  3. I’ve never quite understood the mentality of some women who feel they should get to decide what items a man is allowed to own and/or purchase, or the mentality of the men who put up with it. When I show up with a new gun, my wife generally just rolls her eyes, which is just about the same as my reaction to her shoes/gardening stuff/exercise equipment/etc. Also, as for the supposed man card violation for spilling the beans about a one ticket raffle, a man card violation can only be committed against another man card holder. And somebody who has to sneak around and deceive his wife in order to purchase a firearm definitely doesn’t qualify.

  4. Or you could just ask real nice? We do a 1 for 1 at our house, something she wants something I want. Works real nice.

    I do get in some trouble for the spontaneous purchases, but not near as much as hiding stuff. That’s a recipe for disaster.

  5. I check the account… research what I would like to buy… then take the wife with me to get it.
    Or… just call her and have her get it if I am out of town.


  6. I laugh every time I see this video. I love new guns, yet would off my husband if he hid his purchases.(I am against getting divorced again)
    i like a relationship based on honesty. I don’t buy big ticket items with out running it buy him, (anything more than a bottle of nail polish) and have come to expect the same courtesy on anything over $50. Since I take care of the finances, taking $300 outta the checking account for a new gun (unplanned) can lead to a bunch of accounting work for me, it is easier to let me know before it is spent.

  7. I like Ogre’s last comment. She loves me and wants me to be happy; and happiness
    can be bought at the gun store.

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