The ATF gets to define my Sport?

Since when does the BATFE have the right to define what my Sport is?

Since when does the 2nd Amendment have a “Sporting” requirement?

The BATFE is overstepping their bounds.  They are an old, outdated agency and society and the shooting industry has outgrown the need for them… Well, maybe the “E” part.  I can can see the continued regulation of explosives… so disolve everyone out of the agency that doesn’t deal with explosives and rename their new smaller Charter.  The B.E is fine… We can call them the Bang Boys.

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  1. Michael Bane pointed out that the ATF started to give the guys who took axes to kegs during prohibition something to do after prohibition ended. They need to be reigned in, probably disbanded.

  2. Since when is the 2nd ammendment about games? It aint about duck hunting, trap, skeet, Sporting clays 3 Gun or any of the myriad “sports”. It’s about my right to protect myself with whatever firearm I choose to use for the purpose. From .22 LR to .50 BMG to 12 gauge in a self loading format. It aint about sport.



  3. They don’t think shotguns are in wide enough use to be considered sporting purpose? Shotguns? I’ll bet their are more shotguns in america than there are AR-15’s. They just think Saiga’s are scary.

    1. No, they are not just concerned about Saigas, but any 3Gun type shotgun… And this is a doorway to AR-15’s and anything para-military. This is going to lead to sweeping bans.

  4. It is sooooo much easier to fight this NOW rather than later. If only ALL gun owners would get off their duffs and join the fight. Talking about armed resistance is cool and trendy on a T-shirt but WHY hope for that outcome? Preparation and resolve … good. Prevention … better. We need a hard push for the elimination of the BATFE.

  5. I’m starting to miss George III myself. We actually had more rights under his reign. I’m thinking about a write in campaign for Elizabeth II for President. Why not have a “real” foreign born Queen running things. It would be a lighter schedule for the old girl, and she could keep her horses in Northern Virgina, and there a number of Fox Hunts that would be glad to have her in Virginia and Maryland. Gads the US Marines would become the Royal US Marines…no living with them.

  6. I’ve never seen the purpose for any of these reduntant federal law enforcement agencies.

    FBI seems like it should be able to easily absorb any of thse tasks, from the dea to the strange grouping of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives. WHy not just call then Bureau of Fun? They seem concentrated on regulating anything fun. I suppose its just a matter of time until sex and roller coasters are added to their charter.

    I think alot of this is that after all the other failures, even the far left is upset with Barry, and now he is going to try as hard as he can to crush guns to build up support with his base. The batfe would probably very much like something else to talk about other than their gun smuggling fiasco.

  7. Just curious what prompted this post, since AFAIK we haven’t heard anything official out of the ATF since they released the study in February. The comment period ended at the beginning of this month, and they published all the comments on their web site (along with whatever personal information the commenters included, nice), but since then we have heard nary a peep out of them as to what, if any ruling they are making. There have been various rumors for the last couple months that they put a hold on any new import applications, and then on May 12 a dealer posted on the subguns board that the state dept. started approving applications again, but I haven’t found anything to corroborate that.

    What’s ironic, is that per the letter of their study, a stock Saiga shotgun in the as-imported condition meets all of their criteria for sporting use. They should even be able to import them with pistol grips and the standard AK semi auto trigger group, since the study recognizes pistol grips as a “sporting feature” because they are showing up on shotguns used for hunting turkeys… But, the study is also filled with scary pictures of converted/modified S-12s equipped with the MD-20 drum magazine (a US made component that would be unaffected by anything short of congressional action), so the assumption has been that they are out to get the Saiga, which everyone has been expecting for several years, anyway. About all they’ve managed to accomplish so far is to ensure that nearly every Saiga shotgun that was in dealer inventory in the US, made it into private hands, post haste. I paid $540 for mine back in February (two days before the rumors hit, hooray for gut feelings and lucky timing), and last week when I checked the gun shop a few blocks from my house, they had the exact same model in the rack, and were asking $1250 for it.

  8. The FBI has a perfectly good bomb unit. They and Customs can handle criminal use and export of firearms as well.

    The Treasury can handle the tax thing.

    There is no need for the BATFE.

  9. You can also get rid of the entire registry/4473 business by just requiring electronic Brady checks for dealer to public sales.

    Allow anyone to prove NFA tax compliance by filling out the front of a Form 4 or Form 1, and having the post office put a $200 postage sticker on it, and you can incinerate the NFA registry the next day.

    Lost your Form 4? Fill out a new one with yourself in both fields, and get it stamped again, idiot.

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