Confession: Hoodies

I love them. They are my favorite thing to wear… Hooded sweatshirts with a front pocket… Hoodies… Over a t-shirt that’s tucked into a pair of jeans, fresh socks, and a comfortable pair of sneakers. This is my favorite sort of outfit. Super comfortable is a bonus, but the best thing about this style is that there is no limitation on what one can pack concealed. No requirement that your defensive tool has to be as small as a Matchbox and chambered in something the size of a grape seed. You can pack a full sized defensive handgun that is massively effective in skilled hands.
I know I’ve been ribbed by friends… I’m over 40 and I likes me a hoodie. That’s fine. I can take the teasing, while my finger tips glide over the grips of a steel framed 5″ Government model .45 and I know they are only packing a plastic .380 LCP.
But maybe it’s not just that… maybe it’s that a Hoodie is some sort of Counter Culture statement… that I’m not going to conform to society’s expectation that I wear something that defines my age bracket, like Cardigan knits over Oxford shirts and shoes that have coins on them. No, it’s not that either. Because I really don’t care what people thing I should wear. So what is it then?
A blend of all the above? No… It’s just that they are so comfortable.

20 thoughts on “Confession: Hoodies”

  1. i haven’t ever seen hoodies as anything that could be viewed as immature, just comfortable wear, like a tshirt.

    Hawaiian shirts are awesome. You can be cool, comfortable, and still conceal a weapon well.

    Maybe i should consider wearing hoodies more, people look at me funny when I carry around that guitar case….

  2. Agreed, hoodies are great.
    My International Harvester and Ford hoodies get a lot of use.
    I need more.
    Wonder how a built in pocket holster would work for a P11…


  3. Can’t buy a descent hoodie here. They all have those cheezy gangsta artwork all over them that make you look like you are a mexican gangbanger (in my case because of dark skin, black hair and beard) or the local Yakuza.

    I have one with a bitchin’ Harley type Eagle on it but it is a pull over, not a zip up that I can unzip and take off easy enough when its too hot.

  4. I like the zip up type, but with cargo pants. I hated the fact that cargo’s were “trendy” for a while – but they aren’t anymore. Not “tactical trousers” – just plain Wranglers or Carharts. I hate to sit on my wallet, and you can carry the phone (or speed loaders or mags) in the other extra pocket. Hoodies are great for layering, too. Love a thin fleece one under my leather motorcycle jacket. Maybe it’s not “age appropriate” for me (we’re about the same age) but I don’t give a rip, either.

  5. Randy, agreed on cargos… carpenters pants are good also.
    Hell, I even love a good pair of overalls.
    Pants you can pocket carry a full size 1911 rock.


  6. I’m over 50 and I wear them. I discovered the joys of hoodies only this last year, while in search of something to help ward off those chill Hurricane winds. Now I’m a fan, not for the stylistic factor but their usefulness. Practicality has a beauty all it’s own.

  7. I love me a hoodie and rock one almost every day. They are great with a tank top underneath. I seemingly dress a lot like George with either steel toe boots or a good pair of tennis shoes. In the summer I trade up my jeans or BDUs for a pair of shorts or a skirt with a hoodie.

        1. come on now George – lets be honest – I’ve been trying to get you to own up to the Scottish heritage and kilt up for a while now. Its not yet happened brother! 🙂

  8. That, and sweat pants. Tacticool? Nope. But for working around the house, nothing beats them, they’re just so comfortable.

    Plus, when i pack around the house, they’ve got enough stretch in them to line up on target through the pocket with one of my compact 9’s.

    Would I like to shoot that way? Hells no. but I have have a situation where drawing on my little gangsta neighbors might be inappropriate (they had bats and harsh language.)

    But knowing I had my iron on their center of mass gave me the confidence to talk my way free of the trouble.

    But yeah, I like hoodies too, and wear one every chance I get, and a few more times more than that.

  9. I’ve got 5 or 6 pullover hoodies, a couple of zip-up ones, a closet full of what I call “car show shirts” (loose, long, and colorfully LOUD), and a drawer full of 3X tank tops.

    ….all of which are long and loose enough to conceal a full-size pistol in an OWB holster.

    And I’m 47, and I don’t see me caving to fashion demands anytime soon. I prefer OWB carry of big pistols, and am willing to commit all manner of fashion crimes to accomodate that.

  10. Like Randy above, I wear hoodies (zip-up style) under my leather and/or jean motorcycle jackets ALL the time. It’s the best item I’ve found for layering in the cooler weather. I’ve only got a couple pull-over style ones, but I find that they all are, as stated, awesome for concealed carry.

    Incidentally, my Tae Kwon Do instructor is over 50 and basically lives in one of our karate team pull-over hoodies. Roomy, large hood, and big front pocket.

  11. My closet is half full of Hawaiian shirts and I’m over 50. I gotta get a gun (especially if concealed carry passes here in Cheeseland)…

  12. I try and dress nerd incognito. Comic book characters t-shirts and hoodies, hats with obscure logos. Best not to be identified as a sheepdog till the opportune time. I’ll admit living in Arizona though – my hoodies get MUCH less wear than others do I’m sure.

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