Glocking it today

You guys are of course well aware that I’ve been packing a 1911 a lot lately.  Let’s clarify just what a lot lately is.  About 3 days a week I’ve been packing my ATI 1911 Commander.  I’m pleased with it.  But the rest of the time, I’m packing my Glock 23.  Still.

Reason being, there is no doubt or question about the Glock.  It’s going to be there if I need it, and it’s going to do just what I need it to do.  Simple as that.  Also, it’s packing as much ammo in one mag as the 1911 packs in 2.    That’s a bonus.    Pretty much, the Glock 23 remains the perfect carry gun.

8 thoughts on “Glocking it today”

  1. George
    Has switching your carry gun ever caused you to fumble due to the difference in styles ?
    I’m a 1911 guy and carry mine every day of the week with complete confidence.
    if you have any doubt at all in your 1911 then you should not carry it,
    you know the drill. when you need it the most is when you will have that problem.
    I understand Glock has a great rep,but it’s still just another piece of gear that can fail.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. That’s a good question. It used to. But after working on them, 1911, SIG, Glock… it’s all the same now. But that took extra years of training… a lot of work.
      Now I’m comfortable with all of them. Confidence is a critical component.

  2. I have occasional swiped at the ghost safety of a Glock, but I wouldn’t consider that a “fumble”…..

  3. I have also seen somebody pull a 1911 and repeatedly pull the trigger to no effect becuase they normally carry something without a safety like a Glock. Makes me nervious seeing on duty Glocks and off duty 1911’s. In the crunch time you fore brain fights like you have practiced and if thats a Glock or some type of revolver or other auto thats the way you will do it in an emergency at least for the first couple of seconds. Been there done that, thats why as a person issued a Glock I carry af kahr a 27 or my 35 off duty as well.

  4. When I have had glocks at the range… I always wipe the phantom safety.
    Its part of my draw and presentation.
    I will keep wiping non safetied handguns, rather than forget on my 1911s.
    I do however refuse to use a handgun with a safety that isnt like a 1911 however.


  5. I gave up waiting for the Generation 4 G32 to come out. While the Glock prices aren’t too awful bad I was able to get a hands on on the RIA tactical for a bit cheaper. Of course having 1911 magazines laying around and fair amount of .45 acp also influenced my decision. The Generation 4 G31 was nice but just a tad to odd sized for me to carry concealed. I could do it with the shorter G32 but they aren’t out yet. One bad problem is the temptation to customize a 1911. So far the only thing that I’ve done is install a Gunsite low safety to compensate for the loss of meat at the base of my thumb.

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