Bush was drunk? Okay, let’s go there…

I’m tired of hearing from Liberals that Bush was such an idiot.  Bush graduated with an MBA from Harvard.  Unless you did the same or equivalent, STFU.  “But Bush was a drunk in college.”  Okay…  Let’s go there.  Let’s say that’s true.  Bush did better drunk than his critics did sober… so again, STFU.

John Kerry’s famous quote “I can’t believe I’m losing to this idiot.”  Wow.  Kerry’s scores in college can’t touch Bush’s.  But Kerry had balls and drove patrol boats in Nam?  Yeah, he did… and famously ran away from the fight.  Bush may not have gone to Nam, but he strapped himself into Jet Fighter-Bombers that had a bad habit of killing pilots.  Balls of steel to do that job.  Balls of steel.

And this Football Spiking that Obama is enjoying now.  The conclusion of operations set in motion by Bush.  Yeah, I know he screwed up a lot of thing… namely security of the southern border, the Border Patrol Agents, the prosecution of Marines for being Dogs of War like they were trained to be…   But Bush did a lot of things right.   And most of those policies have been continued under Obama.  Obama’s just screwed up everything else.  History is going to look back far more favorably on Bush than the current Media and Administration is now.  Now, he’s continuing to be the boogie man under the Democrats bed.  I swear, I am still hearing people blame Bush for things, when the man has been out of office for years.  When exactly does Obama take ownership of anything?
Oh yeah… sacking Osama.   Brilliant.

3 thoughts on “Bush was drunk? Okay, let’s go there…”

  1. I keep hearing that Obummer was BRAVE for say “Okay, go ahead and see if you can get the bastard.” Well, I’m guessing that the braver thing to say would be for him to say “Okay – you know where he is. You’ve been training for years. But you can’t go get him.” Yeah, it’d be stupider, but it’d be braver. Because he’d have to take into consideration that the people he’d be saying that to may decide to go after him…

    The reality? Obummer went with the flow. He voted “present,” because there wasn’t anything else he could do.

  2. I don’t really care about the personal lives of our public officials, but our tabloid-like media is probably pushing many people who could serve brilliantly out of actually running because they don’t want to drag their families into the fray. There used to be a gentleman’s agreement that the media would ignore the personal lives of politicians, take FDR’s crippled legs or JFK’s sex escapades, for instance.

    “But character matters!” Uh huh. And how’s that been working for you? What do you think of the character of our current batch of politicians?

    The only time when I want to hear about personal things is hypocrisy. If you vote down gay-marriage bills or whatever and you’re found having sex with men or if you propose banning low-mileage vehicles, yet your personal vehicles are SUVs and sports sedans, well voters deserve to see you as the fraud that you are.

  3. “Bush did better drunk than his critics did sober…”

    Indeed. Reminds me of a friend of a friend I knew, years ago. Gets back from his college break, and tells everyone how he got stopped by a cop along the way, because there had been multiple calls in about him being drunk. “But I was stone sober, and I blew double-zero on the breathalyzer! I showed him!”

    Um, you mean that you showed him that you drive bad enough, sober, that folks think you’re drunk? And, given that there are plenty of folks who get away with driving drunk, you showed him that you drive /worse/, sober, than some drunks drive?

    If someone’s a drunk, and does better than you, pointing out that he surpassed you while he was drunk, does not exactly say good things about your competence.

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