New School Uniform?

Last year I taught a lot of Teachers, School Administrators and other School Faculty Members defensive shooting skills. I taught them for Free. This was in Utah, where it is Legal for Teachers and Faculty to carry concealed if they have a Carry Permit. For a teacher standing in front of a class room, I can’t think of a better holster than an INCOG carried in the Appendix Position, with a Glock 19 or an M&P 9C in there.

Watch this video below and tell me your thoughts.

What I’m taking away from this is that no one else in the family is wearing a target… just the little school boy going to school. Schools being “GUN FREE ZONES” which makes them Fish in a Barrel situations. Everyone else is safe, because evidently they are not going to Gun Free Zones.
My take – Get rid of Gun Free Zones. Let Teachers who stand up and are willing to bear the responsibility protect the students they teach. If they are not willing to protect my kids, why would I be willing to let them teach my kids?

Obama is not acting in our Nation’s best interests

He is pushing his own Agenda in backing the Syrian Rebels, who are backed by both terrorists, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  (Same thing?)  Pushing against international opposition to strike Syria plays into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and basically the entire Muslim Street agenda of doing away with Israel.

Obama’s backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, given them weapons and aircraft.  To fight who?  Who would Egypt need fighter jets to fight?  Israel.
Who is the target if the US strike’s Syria?  New York?  Israel.  Everyone is pointing guns at Israel, and Obama is giving them the ammo.

And the guns.

For what?   His Anti-Israeli feelings?  This is going to cost thousands of lives, if not hundreds of thousands of human lives.  Many Americans.  Many families of Americans.  Friends of Americans.  Business Partners of Americans.

Who Wins in all of this?  America?  No.  Who?

You know who…  The same people who we’ve been fighting against since September 11th, 2001  They are winning.

If we do this, what do we get out of it?   Nothing but more Cattle Car Security, Federal Scrutiny, and Higher Taxes… and the sacrifices and deaths of our Military brothers.

I do not support this push for war.  I do not support this President’s agenda.  I am sorry that Syria is a train wreck of a country and so many innocent people are dead and dying… Syria has never been our Friend, they chose to befriend the Axis of Evil, Russia, China, and those oppressive Communist regimes.   I say those allies of theirs can help those people.  Not us.  We don’t need to sacrifice ourselves and Israel to help people who would have loved to have seen these Chemical Weapons used on Americans.