Ford Expedition

Every time I get ready to get a new car, something happens and I don’t… and I’m stuck on my bike. Like this… Her Explorer died on us. Transmission decided it didn’t like having teeth on the gears. So, here is her new (to us) Ford Expedition. I actually really like it. Big, Solid. Stable. Powerful. Comfortable. And with room for Wife and I and our six sons.
Also, this is a test of my new Drift HD camera and Microphone and Remote. It all works.


Oh, for those wondering, this is not at Ogre Ranch. The light blue Explorer there, that’s her old rig with the dead tranny. I’m thinking 50 pounds of Tannerite.

Here’s how I filter my email

For Email… I open my client, look at all the pages of email. Usually between 8 and 12 a day.
I hit “Show All” so it’s all on one page.
Then I hit “Select All”.
Here’s where I take a moment. I scan down the emails, looking for anything that looks interesting. I’ll uncheck those.
Then I hit “Delete Selected”. Poof all gone save for those that looked interesting or important. This parses it down to about one page.
Then I spend a couple hours answering and responding.

I’ve come to hate email. If you are one of my close friends, just send me a txt or use my gmail account. I may miss your email if it looked boring.