Dear Springfield Armory.

Dear Springfield Armory,

As you know, the State of Illinois hates you and wants you do fail and die.  Here in Utah, we love you, man.  We want to see you win and thrive.  We can help you.  Your M1A Rifles, XDM and 1911 Handguns are some of the most popular around… and we buy a lot of them here in Utah.  Specifically in Vernal Utah.

Come to Utah.  Where you will be welcomed and appreciated.  Come to Vernal Utah, where you will be treated like heroes!





PS, Illinois sucks.

460 Lumen Flashlight Update

Steve has put together an arsenal of flashlights that are Must Have units for Gear Guys like me.  I love flashlights… Useful things.  He’s got this unit that can crank out 460 Lumens.  The thing must have recoil to it when you touch it off.  That’s a Spot Light.   And they are priced crazy good.   Get one.  And then when the local office tool comes in with his expensive light, hit him with this.

Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-indiana-jones-3700642-1280-720 can not be held responsible for misuse of these lights.  Face Melting, Misdirected Aircraft Landings, flocking of Celebrities who think there is a movie premier going on…  This is the Great Power that requires the Great Responsibility, right here.

For Orders, please visit and place an order. Payment is through PayPal. Shipping will be through USPS at a flat rate of $5.35.

If you order 1 light use coupon code WTA10. If you order 2 lights you can get a slightly better discount by using code WTA25. This puts the lights at $55 and $52.50 respectively plus shipping.

Order several.  Because you know that you need one or two, and you know someone else that could use one.

I really dig that little single battery unit.  The Keylight.  120 Lumins out of a Solitare type light.  That’s just crazy.  I’m going to have to order one when I get back from SHOT SHOW.