Dear Springfield Armory.

Dear Springfield Armory,

As you know, the State of Illinois hates you and wants you do fail and die.  Here in Utah, we love you, man.  We want to see you win and thrive.  We can help you.  Your M1A Rifles, XDM and 1911 Handguns are some of the most popular around… and we buy a lot of them here in Utah.  Specifically in Vernal Utah.

Come to Utah.  Where you will be welcomed and appreciated.  Come to Vernal Utah, where you will be treated like heroes!





PS, Illinois sucks.

28 thoughts on “Dear Springfield Armory.”

  1. Come to North Florida! A town chock full of recently retired and soon a bunch of suddenly discharged military folks of highly technical background, a Nuclear Power Plant, LOW TAXES, a city which has property, even industrial property to give away, WITH TAX EXEMPTIONS, and did I mention the LOW TAXES?
    Who wouldn’t mind buying a Factory Blem or six at a substantial discount of course.

  2. I’m not from Geneseo, IL but I can see it from here. I had a friend that worked at Armalite during college. House bills 815 and 1263 passed yesterday in committee will eliminate legal semi-auto firearms. Thanks for everything guys, but I know you have to do what you have to do.

  3. Over the next few years I expect to see a lot of manufacturers move out of the blue states, not just the firearms fabricators. They can’t fight state taxes on top of the federal taxes and the unions all seem to be controlled by fools/communists/clowns.

    1. Those Blue states are paying them out of the taxpayers’ pockets to keep them there. New York paid Remington a ton to move more production there which helped prompt FG to move Marlin production into the NY plants, Illinois has been paying their few manufacturers of firearms in tax breaks and other incentives to keep the jobs. They may hate the guns, but they don’t argue with the money they bring in, and the secure jobs.

      They aren’t going to leave unless some really stupid law comes along, like Microstamping, and hurts them enough for them to consider the tax breaks and incentive money not worth the hassle.

  4. HA!

    We ain’t dead yet. HB815 and HB1263 have been tabled by the Illinois senate. We might have to fight again tomorrow. We WILL have to fight again next week, but we held the line today.

        1. Hey, they have to start somewhere, as we said in Ohio in my youth, a shotgun to feed the family, a rifle to protect the land and a pistol to protect your fanny. Or words to that effect.
          Who resides in FL now.

  5. NW Indiana
    – Right-to-work state
    – Gun friendly state
    – Close enough to smell the stink from Chicago but far enough not to get any on ya’
    – Several major interstates crossing through the area (I-65, I-80, I-90, I-94)
    – Airports … To the west – Chicago O’Hare, Chicago Midway. To the south – Indianapolis International
    – Plenty of rail and trucking
    – Large human resource pool

      1. I may win them over with all the pro business features of NW Indiana but I really think our hopes would go down in flames if the execs at SA ever got a peak at the scenic beauty of Utah.

        At this point, I just want to see ALL Illinois based gun companies leave that state.

          1. When I opted to leave out the italics, I honestly thought that would slip by everyone … sharp eye.

  6. I already own I guess 3 of their pieces. I love my Springers, Glock guys go on about the grip safety, but I like it. Ugly? Not until you see it pointed in yer face 😉

    Come one down hyar to Texas SA, they ain’t taking our iron away. No way no how.


  7. In addition to Springfield Armory, Ill-annoy also has Krebs Kustoms, Armalite, Rock River Arms, and Lewis Machine & Tool. It will be a sad day if this political nonsense causes any firearms manufacturer to move their operation.

  8. Vernal is great. As long as you can live with jack boot cops there who commit unlawful search and seizures on an 80 year old trying to say goodbye to his dead spouse.

      1. Lucky. I hope you appreciate them. Chicago and the burbs (including NWI) are saturated with, not necessarily JBTs, but certainly more than our fair share of badge heavies.

  9. You know I hate this new dark background format for the blog….hard to read and hard to keep place. Just saying

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